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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

JOY...Sunday, December 15, 2013

Today is the Third Sunday in Advent…MY Favorite…THE Pink Candle is LIT and it symbolizes JOY!

JOY is one of my most FAVORITE things about this Season of Advent--A time in the Christian Calendar when we set aside time to PREPARE our Hearts for the coming of Christ. 


We had the candle of HOPE on the first Sunday.  I have NO CLUE how people can function without HOPE.  Sometimes that is the ONLY thing we have left when we have been kicked down by the world.  No matter how bad things get…One should always have HOPE.

The second candle of Advent symbolized LOVE.  Under the NEW COVENANT, the ONLY thing we are MANDATED to do is to LOVE.  When I was a religion minor in college, I had a tough time UNDERSTANDING WHAT in the world “the new covenant” meant.  FINALLY, I understood that it simply was the time when Christ was born and the lessons HE taught us through His life…I felt really silly that I had not figured that out!  =/  The Old Testament is FILLED with Laws…rules to live by…BUT with the coming of Christ, we were taught about FORGIVNESS, turning the other cheek, acceptance…no longer were we taught “an eye for an eye”.  While the Ten Commandments are STILL important and rules to live by, we must ALSO factor LOVE into all that we do…

 When we are told to LOVE everyone, we find ourselves scoffing.  YES, LOVE…BUT that does NOT mean that you have to LIKE what someone does.  It gets tricky because the Bible does tell us things that we do are WRONG, but still, we MUST LOVE…it’s tough to love some people…BUT it is NOT our responsibility to decide WHO is sinning more…WE ALL SIN and to God, a sin is a sin…another tough fact to accept.  WE ALL are Children of God and we MUST treat each other that way…pretty simple, I think.

JOY…NOW this one is easy!  To me, this is WHAT the Season of Advent is ALL about…Happiness…smiling from your nose to your toes…finding that SPECIAL perfect gift for someone…doing something nice for someone for NO reason at all…helping someone who CANNOT repay you…I LOVE IT!!  


IF you will keep JOY in your heart, then loving someone and giving HOPE to someone is a BREEZE…When we do things with a pure heart, then that is all we can do.  IF You see a need, then do something about it…don’t wait for someone else to do it.  IF you can help, then help.  IF you can’t help but know someone who can, then share it with that person.  WE are all here together and we have been given different gifts.  It takes ALL of us to make life complete. 

Today, I am singing JOY to the WORLD and I am thinking of all the songs I love about JOY and I am smiling…I think this is MY FAVORITE thing about Christmas—JOY!...SPREAD Joy wherever you go and KEEP a JOYFUL HEART!...Blessings to YOU…~charlotte♥

I’m THINKING that a Blizzard would bring Charlie great JOY…He keeps working so hard to make a WIZARD himself…He found the scroll saw last night.  I am just glad that he does NOT know how to plug in the scroll saw…

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