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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tutorial Tuesday: Grateful Pumpkin

Who doesn't like to get some Happy Mail?

I got a box of goodies from DecoArt, Where I am a helping Artist and a member of their Blog Outreach Program.

I could not WAIT to try out the new items I received.

Projects started running through my mind, but really, 
that is nothing new.

I have said this before, but I have used DecoArt products for years. 
 I have probably bought thousands of bottles of 
DecoArt Americana as I prepped for craft shows.  
They simply were the best on the market!

Recently, I got rid of every bottle of my other paints that I bought when I couldn't get to the Mall to buy DecoArt...Sadly, 
Walmart doesn't carry this great brand.  :(

I thought of several things to paint, but I decided that I would make my own "pallet" pumpkin.
Those pallets items are expensive!

I cut the plywood into the shape of a pumpkin.
You know, I most always give you a pattern, but really?  You can find a pumpkin shape anywhere AND you can simply draw one.  
An easy way is to draw a rectangle the size you want the pumpkin, Then take a piece of chalk and draw the shape--easy peasy!

After I cut the shape, I cut it into strips, and really, 
I am OK with knowing that they would not be straight.

I also cut 2 pieces of scrap 1x4s to size to use as braces. 

Again, nails don't bother me when they show.  
I would rather use nails than have my piece to fall apart.

With that said, you can simply glue and clamp, if you wish. 

I painted the pieces with DecoArt Americana Chalky Finish Paint in Cherish (the orange-ish color), Bestow (light green) and rejuvenate (yellow)

I took the 3 middle pieces and a White Charcoal pencil
 and free-handed my word of choice.

I painted the word with Chalky Finish in Honor.
All of my primitive painting friends, 
THIS is the color I think you will be excited to add to your stash!
It is a dark Navy--almost black and oh, so yummy!

I sanded it.
I Added some birds and branches using 
the Americana Feathered friends Stencil.

I Added the White Creme Wax--
oh, my, this is WONDERFUL stuff to give 
your project that easy white wash look.

It was too white for my taste, but no problem, 
I took the Clear Wax and rubbed it on top 
of the White Wash and it removed some of it!!

From Top to Bottom: Bestow, Cherish, Clear Wax, 
White Creme Wax, Honor, Rejuvenate, 
Ultra-fine Writer Tip on top of Titanium White Americana Acrylic.

Charcoal wanted to see the new colors I got, too.
Oopsie...there goes a bottle rolling...

Momma won't notice if I lie on top of the paint, 
but that bottle that rolled!  Ugh, what to do?!

I put a thin line around the pumpkin with that 
awesome Ultra-fine writer.
I can't wait to try it on top of Lamp Black to 
outline some of my designs!

The top cleaned easily!

This is the back of the piece painted with Cherish.
I LOVE the white washed surface.

This can either hang or it would be great to sit on top of the table with some other fall items around it.

I hope I have inspired you to try the new colors!
Many are available at Michaels, but you can also 
order from the DecoArt Store by clicking here.

Thank You, DecoArt.
I hope you like what I do with your products.
I am simply blessed to create~charlotte♡


  1. Ooh love it.. can hardly wait to get that Honor... and I love that birdie stencil.. great project... Thanks!!


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