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I LOVE to design and to paint whimsical items that will put a smile on your face. Each day I share my simple life with you as I try to encourage, to inspire and sometimes JUST to make you smile as I recount my life growing up on a dairy farm! I've never had many material items in my life, BUT I have been blessed beyond words with love and encouragement from WONDERFUL Parents who instilled in me WHAT was important. I have had EVERYTHING that I needed and WAY too much of what I wanted. I am slowly learning to be a better person each day through my interactions with my friends on Facebook. Some day I hope to be as good as people seem to THINK I am! I am BLESSED! Welcome to my little corner of the world...Please stop by and visit often!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Be Still..

Hey, y'all.

I hope you have had a happy week.

I have been ticking things off of my
TO DO list, and I am happy
with what I have done.

Sometimes, we need to remember to be kind to ourselves, and rejoice in what we get done, and just offer grace to ourselves for what we didn't do.

I had to make a run to town, this week,  and boy, where is everyone going in such a hurry?

At the grocery store, a man came swerving around the parking lot like an Indy car driver. Going home, I had to slam on my breaks to avoid a man hitting me head-on while he was passing another car, and the SUV behind me was so close on my bumper, I prayed for safety.

I admit, that I understand road rage, well, to a certain extent, and I remember always running to meet a deadline, but I tried to be safe and never put anyone's
 Life in danger...I tried to think of others.

When Daddy was so sick,
it was a lesson for me
to slow down.

I pushed him many places in a wheelchair, while he gained back his strength, and marveled at the rudeness
 Of so many people running to get in front of us, lest they have to slow down.

While I rejoiced when he was driving, again, oh, how I prayed for those behind him, but I also recognized that he had just as much of a right to be on that highway, as everybody else!
He paid his dues by living a good, honorable Life.

I was forced to slow down, and I am grateful for that lesson.

I often wish for others to experience a lesson in compassion, so they, too, can be better people.

We all need to stop, and listen.

In the silence,
we can pray to be
 bound to the heart of God.

When we wander, often the gifts of the Spirit disappear, too.
Our focus changes, and we lose our compassion, and kindness.

It takes work to live peacefully with others whose values are different, but we have much to learn from each other.

Thank y'all, for what you teach me.

You are my sunshine!

I am simply blessed
to create ~charlotte♡

Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Friend is a Special Blessing

I shared this picture on my social media accounts and someone asked for the pattern...so, here it is! 

Click here to get the pdf...Enjoy

I will leave this here until 5/30/18
Ok...so maybe a bit longer...lol

I hope this will put some
 SPRING in your life.

I am, sitting here, cold, from
our cold weather.

It is nothing new to have cold weather in the Spring, but to see Snowflakes!


I am most thankful for a
warm heater, and being able
to sit next to my warm puppy.

This cold weather day
is simply another day
that I have been gifted.
It just happens to fall
in the season of Spring,
and doesn't meet
our expectations of what
we envision a
Spring day to be.

You know what--
I Don't always live up
 to what I claim to be.

I am grateful for this day.
I have ways to get warm.
No biggie.

I find myself shaking my head
over what irritates us.

I get tired of stuff, too
BUT good grief,
why do we complain so?

(She types with a complaining question...😉😊😁)

What will it take to share our JOYS?

Today, our area of Middle Tennessee  mourns the murder of a 5 year old, non-verbal, autistic little boy, committed by his father.

For 3 days, people came from near and far to help search.

I can't understand such evil, but then, I Don't think we are supposed to understand, because, most of us are built to love and to nurture.

What  are YOU are putting out
 in this world.

What are you contributing?

What are you posting?

What are little eyes seeing in you?

For the life of me, I Don't understand how we grumble so much, when we are so blessed!

Today, I offer you an
Act of Kindness and ask,
only, that you
pay it forward in some way.

The purpose of my art is to
make you smile.

I hope I have done that.

Let's share our joys.

Let's pray for others.

Let's meet the expectations of a loving, caring, kind, compassionate person.

Celebrate life and all that is good!

I am simply blessed
to create~charlotte♡

Sunday, April 1, 2018


Happy Easter!

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

May you live the message of Easter and of Christmas in your life, each day.

We serve a living Savior, who is very much in the world, today.

God does NOT cause our problems, nor does He lead us to problems to teach us.

God does allow us to reap what we sow, because we have been given free will.

We make bad decisions, but NEVER does God tempt us with evil.

We are given mercy, and grace by a loving Father, who more often, than not, gives us far better than we deserve.

We MUST extend this grace to others, and, yes, to ourselves.

The blood of Christ made us worthy.

Eternal life is offered to everyone.

Please ask Christ to live in your heart --to make you a new creation.

Yes, you will still make mistakes, and this doesn't exempt you from the troubles of the world, but living for Christ offers you better decisions when following His words of truth.

Easter marks a new commandment to love as He (Christ) loved you.

Let's truly love each other.

May our lives reflect the eyes, ears, hands, feet, and heart of God.

I pray to help with the harvest~~That I will be willing to go where He sends me, and to follow His plan for my life.

I pray the path will be plainly laid in front of me.

I ask forgiveness for my sins and short comings and for the times I was harsh and unkind, and responded with anger.

I ask that my life will be a better reflection of my many blessings.
I am simply blessed to create~charlotte♡