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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tutorial Thursday: Dazzling Metallics White Pearl

I had a special order for a customer, whom I consider a friend.  She sent a picture of what she wanted, and I knew I had a pattern by Sandra Brake that would work, so I got to work.  I was getting ready to put my little swigglies on this, so I pulled out my grey when all of a sudden, I saw the bottle of DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Paint in White Pearl sitting on the corner of the table, and thought I would give it a shot.  The final picture doesn't show it so much, but there are a couple that show it--IT is so much better than GREY!  I am SO EXCITED to learn this little trick and I had to share it with you!

I put it on the red hat, also...

My mind immediately went to other uses for this 
Dazzling Metallics White Pearl.  My first thought was 
how it would look on a white pumpkin!

I found this neat piece of wood that was full of textures...I am sure it broke when a nail hit it, and that is one reason I loved it...it is perfectly lop-sided!  I know, it will drive some people crazy, but not me!

ALL of the products I am using are by DecoArt
I am using DecoArt Americana Acrylics

I knew I wanted it to have a teal colored background, 
so I chose Bahama Blue. 
Teal Green was the color I chose for what would be the crackles, 
but I am jumping ahead...
There are dozens of pumpkin painting tutorials on Pinterest, so I am not going into a lot of detail.

The background is what I really love about this!

Once I painted the surface with Bahama Blue, I used a piece of dry wall tape to stencil Burnt Sienna.  
I then picked up some Light Buttermilk to add some color variations--remember to use colors of your painting in your background to draw the eye OUT to see your background. 
I added more texture with Bubble Wrap and Light Buttermilk.

I sanded this before I started the Pumpkin...

I drew my pumpkin onto the surface with a White Charcoal Pencil.
I added the stem first with a coat of Burnt Sienna.
On each section, I added Teal Green on the 
top (or left) of each section, 
Burnt Sienna on the bottom (or right) of each section and
Filled the middle of each section with Light Buttermilk.
Use a dirty brush--meaning, don't rinse your brush.  Allow all of the colors to mix on the surface.


I went back and added more Light Buttermilk to the sections, 
and added more shading if I thought it needed it.
 I brushed another coat of Burnt Sienna onto the stem and 
added Light Buttermilk on the bottom side.
I added Burnt Sienna underneath the pumpkin to ground
 the pumpkin into the picture, instead of floating in mid-air.

THEN the moment I had waited to see--
I added the Dazzling Metallics White Pearl!!

I added some brown lines around the stem on the pumpkin 
to give it more texture.

Next, One Step Crackle was added all around the pumpkin.  
I put it on rather thick in some places.
When dry, I brushed thinned Teal Green over the background, 
and wiped it back. 
I decided I wanted it darker, so out came my favorite Payne's Grey.
It was just want I wanted.

I shaded around the outside of the Pumpkin with the Payne's Grey, 
and also shaded the right and bottom of the stem.

These are the DecoArt Products that I used

I will probably add a WORD to the piece in Light Buttermilk.

Here is the pattern if you need it.
Here is the Pumpkin Pattern if you need it to create your own pumpkin.  The original size is 4.75 x 5.5--who knows what size it will save as!!

I am so happy to share this with you and 
hope it will inspire you to create.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, SUPPORT your fellow artists.  
Remember how it feels to be criticized, 
and NEVER do that to someone else.
We all have our own likes and dislikes, 
so if you don't like something, just keep scrolling on by! 

I am simply Blessed to create~~charlotte♡


  1. I love the Dazzling Metallics! I don't have the White Pearl ........but i NEED it now!!!! The pumpkin and Santa are fabulous!

  2. All I can say is AMAZING !!! Love how you bring dimension to a flat piece. :)


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