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I LOVE to design and to paint whimsical items that will put a smile on your face. Each day I share my simple life with you as I try to encourage, to inspire and sometimes JUST to make you smile as I recount my life growing up on a dairy farm! I've never had many material items in my life, BUT I have been blessed beyond words with love and encouragement from WONDERFUL Parents who instilled in me WHAT was important. I have had EVERYTHING that I needed and WAY too much of what I wanted. I am slowly learning to be a better person each day through my interactions with my friends on Facebook. Some day I hope to be as good as people seem to THINK I am! I am BLESSED! Welcome to my little corner of the world...Please stop by and visit often!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tutorial Thursday: Fall Tea Kettle

I got an order for a Fall Teapot, so I will share 
some of the steps of how I created it.

When doing a special order, I try to find as much information
 as I can from the customer.

I discovered her kitchen is Navy/Burgundy.

One of my favorite things about Fall is the warm, rich colors.

I decided that I would make the background a warm tan.

I chose DecoArt's Chalky Finish in Heirloom.

I love to use Chalky Finish as a base for many of my designs.

Painting a teapot meant that I would need to choose 
a paint or a medium that was for a slick surface.

I could have chosen several different methods, 
but the most popular are:
1. Use DecoArt Paint Adhesion--this is my favorite method for most slick surfaces.
2.  Spray the object with Flat Spray Paint or with a Primer.

3.  Use Chalky Finish Paint--SO easy. 
 No preparation except to clean the object and paint!

American Acrylics work perfectly with the Chalky Finish Paint.  
These are the colors I used on this project.

I cleaned the teapot and added 3 coats of DecoArt's Chalky Finish. 
Just make certain it is dried well before adding another coat.

I added Checks of Deep Midnight Blue  and Deep Burgundy.  I didn't worry that they were even, because I was going for a slightly primitive style, since it was to have a crow on it to match her decor.

As decorative artists, we sometimes get stuck in the way we do things.  I REALLY did not want to shade/highlight every single check, so I decided to do what I call a MESSY LINE on the top of the checks and then I added some more messy lines to the Deep Burgundy checks.
Again, instead of highlighting, I used the Heirloom and added criss-crossed lines to the Deep Midnight Blue checks...PERFECT for what I was aiming to do!

As I said, my customer wanted crows.  I took one of my patterns and added a scarf to it, because she also liked that look, 
and placed them on top of pumpkins.

I thought the design needed something else for color and to cover more space, so I added a sunflower to each end.

I was much happier with that!

I stenciled Deep Burgundy all over the teapot using dry wall tape and 
added a vine at the top.

I also splattered the entire pot with Lamp Black 
to add to the primitive look.

I painted a round disc like a pumpkin and wrote Happy Fall--whew it was hard not to put Y'all on it, cause I am a true Southerner! 

I also tied some cloth around the tea spout to cover that hump that was left when I removed the ugly plastic piece...I wish teapot makers would design ALL teapots for us to paint when they weren't used~~HA HA HA

This is the finished teapot

A look from the Top

And another angle...

Here is a free line drawing for you to use on a teapot or a sign or a...
Simply right click to save it to your computer and print it...
Resize as you wish...
Use part of the design or all of it
...it is ok!

IF you do not know how to save this, simply send me an email at
and PLEASE put the subject as: Free
so I won't delete your email!

Thanks for stopping by!

I am simply blessed to create~~charlotte

IF you would like the crow pattern,
 you may purchase it in my etsy shop.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tutorial Thursday: Winter Village

What a fun project.

I know...you all are sick of seeing the same project over and over. 

I  apologize. I really do work hard to not over share myself, but if I don't promote my stuff, whose responsibility does it become?

So, please just smile, roll your eyes and go forth with your day. I really do understand! 

I also want to thank you all for your support and encouragement. It means so much to me. I Hope that I somehow, return the love!

I thought I would show my finished box. It has taken me since Saturday to finish it...good grief, right?!

I have painted crooked houses...wonky windows and then, just as the villagers were settling their lawsuits against the contractor, what happens, but that a GIANT SNOWMAN builds his Church on top of the box!!

The Winter Village is a pattern for the Puddles of Paint Club (POP) by Susan Kelley. It is a fun group...we get a pattern each month a year before any one else--how cool! Click here to go to Susan's website.

I am not the best Saltbox painter, but it still turned out pretty adorable, despite me...lol

I designed the snowman to go on top of the box. 

All of this was a fun paint, and now the pattern for the snowman and the actual painted Box is available in my etsy shop By clicking here for the box and by Clicking here for the pattern.

I used DecoArt Glass Texture for the snowman and for the icicles. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Honestly, I need to work with it some more...anybody out there got any ideas how to better use it?? Lol.

I  do like how shiny it was. I like the texture it created.

 I added white paint to mine. I really didn’t see much difference between it and the dimensional effects, so time will tell. It could be one of those things that I will learn that I can't live without! Lol

So, I am not sure that I have been very helpful today!

Grab your paints, or scissors, or crochet needles, or knitting needles and create!!

If you want to learn something that I know, please ask...I will do my best to help...

I am simply blessed to create~charlotte ♡

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Technique Tuesday: Harvest Pumpkin Canvas

I knocked something off of my table the other day that I needed, so I decided to move the little table to see what else I had knocked off the table.

WHAT?  I cannot be the only person to lose their brushes, dry wall tape, pens, pencils, Peanut M&Ms (ok, they fell off WHEN I moved the table)…AND

I pulled out the White and used Payne's Grey

My DecoArt Green Pallet knife!  I now, once again, have all 3, but sad to say, I lost the 3rd one just as quickly as I found it~~HOW in the world do I do that? I distinctly remember putting it somewhere safe, but for the life of me, I am not certain where SAFE resides…heavy sigh…

I shall look for it on another day.

As soon as I found that knife, I knew what I wanted to do.

I smeared the Turquoise Blue, some Saffron Yellow and  Spiced Pumpkin on the background.  I left some white showing.

I have been spending too much time in Pinterest-land this year.  It is not my fault.

I keep reading what we all need to do to make people notice us, and to be honest, I feel like a hamster on a big ole spinning wheel.  I started pinning like crazy in February and have gotten over 600 followers, but really, I cannot see that it has done one thing for me, other than making me want to pin more and to make more and to….YIKES…

I painted the pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin and outlined it with Dark Chocolate....Pumpkin and Chocolate.  When I draw a pumpkin, I think of it as in three sections.  I draw my center section first, and then add a section to each side~~like an orange slice.

I need to get off of this spinning wheel!  LOL

As you have been reading, you have seen the steps I did to create this little 2x2 inch canvas.

Highlights were added with Saffron Yellow to the middle of the stem and to each section of the pumpkin.

I thought about doing it with my fingers.  I wanted to show that it is possible to CREATE with simplicity.

I like my edges dark, so that is why I used the Payne's Grey instead of the white.  I smeared it around the edges and under the pumpkin to ground it into the piece.

I have holders filled with brushes~~some untouched, some specialty brushes, scruffy brushes…and yet, I still need more good 10/0 liners, #4 Flats and #2 round brushes.  They are my work horses!

I have bottles and bottles of paint~~enamel, patio paint, satin multi-surface, Americana, Traditions, SoSoft, Chalky Finish, Metallics, Neons, Glamour Dust…Just about everything that DecoArt Offers…

I have mediums to make paint stick to ANYTHING and to seal it and peel it and crackle it and stick it and…

I am a happy girl.

BUT some days, I just want to do simple!

I do want to share another take on a trick I shared earlier this year.

When I get ready to design something, I start writing down everything I can think of that goes with the season I want to paint.  I doodle as I think and sometimes, it takes me on a fun trip…other times, I wonder what in the world I was thinking and how I do not want to go down that road again.

Reminds me of going for rides in the country around McKenzie, Tennessee, in the fall when I was a freshman in college.  I took my friend, Amy, with me, and she was a city-slicker from Memphis.  I had grown up exploring country roads and I knew that most all country roads lead to a main road, so I was fearless.  I am pretty sure she was miserable by all of the questions and comments.

My favorite thing about art is the exploration~~new colors, new techniques, new brushes, new mediums, new paints, new ADVENTURES…

I can paint my world any color I wish.

I can live in a land where the Pears are bigger than the Saltbox Houses, or my world can be filled with froggies and daisies, or I can magically be transformed to a Winter Village with crooked windows~~oh, so many crooked windows!  ROFL

This is a pattern by Susan Kelley from our Puddles of Paint Club...I am doing an awful job of painting this...heavy sigh...

Oh, what fun awaits me with each stroke of the brush.

Follow your dreams…Find the HARVEST that awaits you as you explore and plant seeds of creativity…and, you know I have to say it~~LIVE your Life in FULL BLOOM!

This is not my style at all, but how fun was this.  It took all of 10 minutes to create!  I LOVE to play...

I am simply blessed to create~~charlotte♡

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Serendipity Sunday: Memories

I was raised in a Cumberland Presbyterian Church (CP).

It is a very tiny denomination.  Collectively, we aren’t weird…(some of us are cra-cra, though)

I was taught about Doctrine…the Bible…Missions…

What I have always loved about “my church” was that we KNEW we didn’t own this thing called RELIGION.

We sang “Whosoever Will”, and we really meant it.

We have an open altar…open communion table…anyone who believes in Christ is welcomed to partake…we don’t check “membership cards”…LOL

We believe in the Apostle’s Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, The Old and The New Testament, that Jesus is the Son of God, That God is Father, Son and Holy Ghost (ok, I just giggled because, well, I think I have been painting too much Halloween stuff…), so, basically, we believe the BIBLE…

We were a very quiet church, which I LOVED because after having a long week of NOISE, it was so wonderful to go into the House of the Lord and sit in the quiet to worship Him in Holiness…to BE STILL and KNOW… Being quiet (or LOUD) is in no way a measuring stick of one’s belief!

We believe that ANYONE can serve God, and no, you do NOT have to have a penis to Preach, to Teach or to Serve!

Well, if anyone has gotten this far and isn’t TOO offended, I will try to be on my best behavior.

I have the same email address that my mother had, and I won’t bore you with THAT story, because I have others to cause plenty of boredom for now.  Because of that, I get her updates of NEWS from the Denomination.

On May 26, I read that a classmate from Bethel had died.  I didn’t know her well, because she was there to get her MRS degree~~LOL…I was, however, friends with her husband, a CP minister, because I played the piano at a small church where he preached outside of Martin, TN each week.  BOY, howdy, I learned that MANY things can be placed in a person’s nose to cause humor (well, to SOME people)…French fries, pens, pencils, straws…sigh  Oh, how I shuddered on Sunday Morning when he picked me up to go to church and he had a friend with him…it just gave fuel to the fire of misbehavin’!

What I did know about Rhonda was that she was so sweet and kind.  She always smiled at me. THAT is a good memory to have.

Then, on July 18 (strangely enough, the anniversary of my parents wedding), I read that Carolyn Jackson had died.  She and my mother were the bestest of friends!  They were forever getting into something together.  They were sewing buddies and traveling to convention buddies.  She and Mother compiled the only (that I know about) denominational Cookbook to raise money for missions.  Carolyn did NOT want anyone to know her age, but one year, her son threw a birthday party for her and the cat was out of the bag.  She handled it pretty well~~LOL…Oh, how I loved her and how special she was to momma.  Her 98 years were full!!

This was taken in front of The Log Cabin.  It is a replica, of the replica (ROFL) of the Log Cabin that is located at Montgomery Bell Park in Dickson, TN...it is the birthplace of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church that came out of the GREAT REVIVAL...We left the Presbyterian Church because we did NOT believe in predestination....I am the one on the steps...Funny to see that 10 of these people went on to serve as Ministers/Christian Education (some of us got over it, too...LOL)

Last Monday morning, I opened my email and almost dropped my phone when I read about the death of Rev. Patrick Fleming.  He was driving back to his home in Arkansas after taking his daughter to Bethel for her final semester, and killed in a single vehicle accident.

Pat and I were in Balladeers together.  He had married our friend, Janiece, and had two children.  They were divorced and he was recently newly married.

I thought back to those days at Bethel.  I do not want to give the impression that we were the best of friends.  I will say that when you are crammed into a 26 seat bus, traveling for hours, and spending countless hours practicing and memorizing music, you get to know each other pretty well!  While there were people in the group who did not like each other, I can honestly say, that we all managed to get along pretty well, AND you found a way to stay away from each other….ME?  I plopped myself in the back of the bus, and sat on the music box!  ROFL…funny, that soon became the card playing section of the bus…LOL

Pat had demons.  He had a temper that scared me.  He didn’t always treat my friend, Janiece,  like I thought he should, and that frustrated me.  His father was a CP Pastor and my mother knew him.

We often laughed that so many of us in Balladeers were “CP Royalty”…Many of our parents were very active on the denominational level and they knew each other…We would laugh after a concert, when some lady would come flying outside to find “Martha’s daughter”…they were forever getting me and Elinor (Lita’s daughter) confused, because we both had black hair!  I got pointed at a whole bunch!  =)

Recently, I was chatting with another friend from Bethel and he said something about CP ROYALTY…I laughed and said that I was once considered to be that…He laughed and said, “yeah, right”…When I told him who my mother was, he gasped, apologized and said he never knew!!  He said I qualified…lol

Times have changed…we have changed…

Pat sent me a FB friend request several years ago, and it was good to “see” him.  NOW, as I have spent a week REMEMBERING moments from the past, I am thankful that I got the opportunity to MEET the new and improved PATRICK.  He has struggled.  He has fought the demons.  He had started living life LOVING life.  He made certain that Janiece was able to attend their daughter’s Senior Voice Recital.  I was glad that I had the opportunity to chat with him and to get to KNOW him.

I am glad that each of us has the opportunity to be BETTER that what we once were.

I am glad that Patrick fought the good fight and that he now lives with God in Paradise.

Music has always been such an important part of my life.  It has given me opportunities that I never imagined.  It makes me sad that I no longer play and sing, but things happen and life moves on and you adapt and do the best you can!  One day, I hope that money blessings will fall on my head and I will be able to either repair my piano, or get a good quality keyboard, but other things must be repaired, first~~ROFL…but I am at peace with it, for now.

So, though it seems I have shared only sadness, I wrote this to remind us all, that MEMORIES are a blessing.

Sometimes, we make choices and that is all we have…

I have been blessed this week to recount special times with special people and that has been a serendipity moment(s) for me.

My prayers are with all who mourn, but I am assured by reading the Bible, that THEY SHALL be comforted.

I love God, who has thought of everything.  While I sometimes think He doesn’t hear me and He doesn’t care and He will NEVER give me what I need, I am slapped back into reality, and again reminded that He NEVER forsakes me, He NEVER stops listening to me, and He will ALWAYS provide my needs (not wants)…He is my Shepherd and He continues to lead me into Green Pastures, beside still waters, feeding me before the enemy (Satan) and as Kat says, “just showing off!” 

NOW, to remember to FOLLOW Him and to TRUST HIM…

Thank you, Dear God, for my friends…for the memories…and for loving me, anyway, when I don’t deserve it. 

I am so blessed…~~charlotte♡