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Friday, September 30, 2016

Tutorial Thursday: Pewter Metallic

I have been playing with some more of my DecoArt Goodies...

This time I have fallen in love with the 
Americana Decor Metallics in Pewter.

This color is amazing.

I don't have an Americana Color to reference, 
because there is nothing like this,
But I got a similar color by mixing Neutral Grey with Deep Midnight Blue.

I made another little pumpkin from plywood to play with this color.
The pumpkin is about 6 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

Pewter Metallic was placed on the top and bottom pieces 
and I mixed the 
Deep Midnight Blue and Neutral Grey 
to get the middle color, 
Then I added the Chalky Finish Medium to this mix 
to make sure it was FLAT!

You have to keep a bottle of this Medium on hand for those times 
when you want to make your own Chalky Finish Paint!  
What a great addition to my painting stash. 

Also, on this piece, I wanted to try the Ultra-fine Tip to see if I could control it and if I could use it to write a word.

Yes, I can. 
This was my first attempt, 
with no practice, other than giving it a try on my pallet.
I'm not going to lie--it was very shaky because I was being timid, BUT I was able to use the tip to go over the writing again, and it looks great for a first time effort.

I used it to draw an outline around the pumpkin.

I cannot wait to use the tip again, this time with Lamp Black.

The next test was to make a simple sign.
I added 3 coats of the Pewter Metallics and got a wonderful coverage.
I stenciled the word using an Andy Skinner Stencil and 
Titanium White Americana Acrylic.
I added 3 coats of this because of the way I was stenciling.

What a GREAT gift idea for you to make.

So, you can't paint or letter?

This stencil offers several fun words that would 
make wonderful signs.  
Who doesn't like to see their favorite word 
displayed in their home?

Serendipity is a word that Mother taught 
me at a Young Age.

Being able to be a DecoArt Helping Artist and a 
member of the Blogger Outreach Program is a 
serendipity moment in my world.  

I love these products and am looking forward to more playing.

Until October 31, 2016
Purchase $25 worth of the Americana Decor Products and get FREE shipping by using the code: DIY

The DecoArt Store has all of the new colors and products for sale.
The Americana Decor line includes: Chalky Finish, Satin Enamels, Outdoor Living, Color Stain, Metallics, Stencils, Waxes, Varnishes, Medium and Speciality Products.

I think you will FALL in love with these new products.
I can't wait to play some more.

I am simply Blessed to create~~charlotte♡

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  1. I LOVE the pewter color! You KNOW I love metallics, too! And the clear chalk finish is something that I always keep on hand. You never know when you want to make something a chalk surface! Great blog, Charlotte. :)


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