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I LOVE to design and to paint whimsical items that will put a smile on your face. Each day I share my simple life with you as I try to encourage, to inspire and sometimes JUST to make you smile as I recount my life growing up on a dairy farm! I've never had many material items in my life, BUT I have been blessed beyond words with love and encouragement from WONDERFUL Parents who instilled in me WHAT was important. I have had EVERYTHING that I needed and WAY too much of what I wanted. I am slowly learning to be a better person each day through my interactions with my friends on Facebook. Some day I hope to be as good as people seem to THINK I am! I am BLESSED! Welcome to my little corner of the world...Please stop by and visit often!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Serendipity Sunday: A Tomato

I would give my opinion of having a rookie/2nd year starting quarterback, but alas, none of my friends seem to enjoy football—wait, I am NOT enjoying Titan football…I am only going to say that GOOD THINGS take time to ripen…


With that thought, my friend Cheryl, has been patiently, ok, I am not sure patient is the correct word, but she has, nonetheless, been waiting for a LONG time for a tomato to ripen that was planted by nature.  Today, I scrolled through FB to find it had FINALLY ripened!  LOL  YAY, TOMATO!!

Seeing that beauty flooded my mind with memories…OK, you CANNOT be surprised by that comment.

My Daddy loved tomatoes better than most anything in this world.  We would plant about 50 – 100 tomatoes and let me tell you, planting them was not an easy task.

He would work the garden soil with his little red tractor, and add the needed fertilizer, and then find the proper place to plant them, since you had to move the crops around each year in order to get good growth.  For those who don’t know, each plant TAKES and GIVES something specific to soil, and it must be replenished in some way, so that is why things were planted at different spots each year.

It became my job to PLANT the tomatoes.  I would laugh as I looked behind me to see Daddy re-doing what I had just finished.  I didn’t say much, but at one point, I did remind him of my success at raising flowers.  He didn’t replant as many plants.  LOL

To plant the tomatoes, we had to put down the black plastic sheet and then put soil around the edges to ensure it wouldn’t blow away.  After that, out came the scissors, or Daddy’s ever present pocket knife, to cut an X in the plastic and plant the tomato plant DEEP into the soil.  It was watered with a cup of miracle grow laced water.

The homemade tomato cages were gathered (pulled from the weeds), a stake was driven beside the freshly planted tomato, cage placed over the tomato and tied to the stake with ORANGE bailing twine. THEN, bails of straw were drug to the garden and placed on top of the plastic—WHEW!

The watch for the ripe tomato began instantly, because July 4th was the targeted date.  This meant the possibility of having to cover the crop to prevent them being killed by frost—oh, the joys of Middle Tennessee fickle weather. BUT the end result was worth the effort.

After Daddy died, baby pear tomatoes would grow around the yard from him walking around, tomato in hand and his spitting the seed as he walked.

Today, I craved those days, but was thankful for the memories.

Food, as you all know is often the center of most of my memories, and today was no exception. 

I longed for a home grown tomato on a biscuit. That was Mother’s favorite thing.

I had some grated cheddar cheese on the stove and a small amount of Bisquick left in the box from making Charcoal sausage balls a few weeks ago (he reminds me to buy sausage next time, and now Bisquick).  I mixed the cheddar cheese, Bisquick and added canned milk, mixed together and dropped small mounds of dough on the cookie sheet.  Placed them in the 425 oven and cooked 8-10 minutes.

Oh, my goodness.  Even the little store bought Roma tomatoes I had tasted heavenly!

This turned out better than my last food memory.

I saw the can of tamales and remembered what a treat it was for Daddy to have them in the winter in a bowl of chili.  I was “fascinated” as a child by the PAPER that was wrapped around them. 

I didn’t have the chili, but I ate the tamales and laughed at me.  They were ok, but not nearly as good as the memory!

Sometimes, memories are better than reality.

Time is often a good friend that allows us to forget some of the frustrating moments and cleans our heart of the bad details and fills the void of reality with love.  I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing.

So, I guess today, I choose a rogue TOMATO “grown” by Cheryl as my Serendipity moment of the day.

Cheryl's prized tomato

I can’t express my gratitude enough for my parents giving us such a happy life.  They chose US over material gains.  We had everything we needed, and too much of what we wanted, but again, that reminds me of my mother saying she had always had everything she wanted—she just knew WHAT to want.

I watch these stupid court shows, and the news and wonder WHAT we have taught the children about things that matter.  Sadness overtakes my heart when I see the lack of quality to so many lives, and what people expect from life.  I read post after post about needing Prayer back in classrooms and so on, but the real truth is that nothing will get better UNTIL Prayer and Wholesome values are brought back into the homes, and Parents start spending time with their children, teaching them by EXAMPLE of what a Quality Person is.  CHOOSE a MATE with as much thought as you choose where to eat!

It DOES take a village to raise a child, and I think that is what is missing.  Nobody seems to want to listen to each other.  We tend to firmly plant our feet in the ground and yell, NOT MY CHILD... or DON’T take away my child’s rights!  Oh me...we have a world BEGGING to be loved and disciplined.

My prayer is that EACH one reading this will do their part (yes, I speak to ME in these posts more than anyone) in changing their little corner of the world by changing themselves.  Focus on qualities that matter.  Look at the seed you are planting.  We have GOT to get back on track and start realizing that JUST because “it feels good” doesn’t mean that it is GOOD.

I pray for you and for the parents who struggle to do what is right.  Evil is at every turn, but so is Goodness—CHOOSE Goodness, Kindness and LOVE.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world.  I am simply Blessed to create~~charlotte♡

painted by Cheryl, of course! :)

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Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world. In case you haven't been told, you are loved!~~charlotte♡