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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Live Nativity 1994, Wednesday, December 18, 2013

For years, my Mother dreamed of having a Live Nativity at our Church.  She talked it up and finally got enough people interested.  She got some money to buy the material to make the garments and some of the ladies of the church agreed to help sew.  It was the beginning of a dream-come-true for Mother.

Of course, when Mother did something, it often meant that Daddy had to do something also, but he really did not mind.  He loved to be busy.  He built the shed and put up the gates and found a friend who would let us borrow the sheep and the donkey.  He found someone to help him put up the shed and he instructed ME to draw him a star.

We quickly found volunteers to play the part of the Shepherd’s, Wise Men, the Angel and Mary and Joseph.  After much discussion, we decided that we would NOT attempt to find a LIVE baby because of the fickle Middle Tennessee Weather.

The Live Nativity was to be held during our Church’s annual Christmas Eve’s Come-as-you-are Communion Service.  This service was one of my MOST favorite things about Christmas.  Each family would gather as a family and go to the altar and take Communion.  A prayer was then said to Bless that Family.  We would enter the Sanctuary that was lit only by candles and would take a seat to wait our time to go to the front.  During this time, we were able to meditate and to remember our past year—the trials and the joys.  Beautiful organ music or taped music would play.  THIS was CHRISTMAS to me.

Our Church was set on a small hill right on the highway, so it was perfect for the Live Nativity.  There were several small trees surrounding the setting—it was beautiful and meaningful.

It was my job to help the portrayers to get dressed.  I also prepared hot drinks and appetizers for those who participated.  It was a great time of fellowship with some of the most wonderful people—the people who ALWAYS did the lion’s share of the work at church.

One year, Mary did not show up so I had to “sit in” for Mary.  It really was the best part because I got to sit for the entire hour and I was in a sheltered area!  Of course, you can probably tell by NOW that where I am, there is usually going to be laughter.  This night was no different.  While we did our best to stay in character, we would talk among ourselves when no one was going by.  At one point, Andy-aka JOSEPH, said something to me that I disagreed with so I told him.  He quickly told me THAT was NO WAY to talk to the Father of my child.  I QUICKLY replied, “LET me ASSURE YOU that YOU are NOT the Father of MY CHILD.”  Oh, dear…I am so thankful NO ONE came by at that moment…laughter was so loud and we laughed about that for weeks!  We had some of the greatest friends!

I’ve come to realize the past few years that it is NOT the presents that I remember about Christmas.  Sure, I can name some of the things I got, and some were very special, BUT that is not what I think about when I hear the word CHRISTMAS.  It is the sights, the sounds, the fragrances, the food, the snacks, the events and being with my FRIENDS and FAMILY that I remember.  I sure do miss those times, but I also know that life goes on and we have to make different memories.  PLEASE, slow down and stop spending your money on things that do not last.  TAKE YOUR TIME AND SPEND IT WITH PEOPLE THAT YOU LOVE…Find a way to SERVE your neighbors during this season and Don’t STOP when the holidays are over!  THAT is WHERE you will find TRUE HAPPINESS…Blessings to YOU…~charlotte

Oh, Charlie said he would LIKE to be a Shepherd this Christmas…oh dear…I sure hope he doesn’t hit someone on the head with that staff…


  1. Wonderful memories. I loved working in the live nativity. Christmas Eve was always a highlight for me.

  2. How wonderful to be part of a live Nativity from the idea, all the way to fruition. An i think Charlie would be a FINE shepherd. =)

    I so relate to the best Christmas memories....the sounds, the smells, & for me this year, i am missing the decorations. I actually just went upstairs to get our mini tree (i gave our big one to my BFF for her porch). I was so looking forward to seeing at least the little tree lit up. But i didn't bring down an extension cord. (figures) So now, i have to rest the legs, before i can go back up there. LOL.


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