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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Remembering Family on this Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I thought it was a picture of My Uncle Edgar Fort,Daddy's oldest brother...But I realized it was Daddy's Father, Ephriam Floyd (what a name...ugh!!)  EVERY single time Daddy would see him, he would give Daddy a quarter and OFTEN it was the last bit of money he had...Even though Daddy was not raised in the same HOUSE as he was, BOY, he sure did have Granddaddy's character!  =)  I never got to meet him.

Well, this is what Uncle Edgar looked like too!!  Uncle Edgar was an old bachelor--I'm carrying on the Family tradition--He was in the military, as were ALL of my Uncles and He ran a gas Station his whole life.  He, just like Daddy, could pick up a crying baby and it would STOP crying!!  What a sweet man he was.  He ALWAYS whistled the same little ditty over and over.

This is Aunt Lattie, Daddy's only sister.  She was the second child.  Seeing this picture is AMAZING to me to see how much she looked like Aunt Jenny!!  Aunt Lattie married Uncle Otto when she was 51.  HE was the most gently, kind man, soft-spoken man I have ever known in my life.  That is their wedding reception at our house.  David, Uncle Otto's Son, is behind Aunt Lattie!  They had 25 very happy years together...David had his first grandson this year--BOY, I bet my fb page will be FILLED tomorrow!  =)

This is Aunt Jenny and Uncle Bud who raised my Daddy.  They had no children and Daddy's Mother died when he was 22 months old.  They were never allowed to adopt him because Granddaddy wanted to make sure that Daddy ALWAYS knew that he was his son.  Daddy loved living on the farm and when he would have to stay with Granddaddy while he went to high school, Daddy would OFTEN hitch-hike back to the farm because he would get homesick...you know how being 7 miles away from home can be!!  LOL...Daddy was SPOILED ROTTEN!!  WHEW...thankful it wasn't passed on me to...hmmmmm....~wink wink~

This is my first Christmas!!  Where am I??  I can't believe that I allowed Daddy to put me down~I was a Daddy's girl like none other!  Mother gave this guitar to Daddy...he didn't play much or often.  Mother had the hardest time keeping secrets...AND it had NOTHING to do with HER...She had ordered this from Sears.  Daddy went out to get the mail and found a postcard from Sears telling her that HER GUITAR was in!  sigh...she tried...

This is the Sanford Christmas.  That is Aunt Sybil's nose LOL...Jack, her son-in-law, Aunt Mary, Mother's twin, Uncle Marion, Aunt Sybil's husband.  That is Daddy again the wall! =)  I'm not sure WHERE that is taken...I don't recognize it...I'm thinking that it is probably Aunt Becky's house???

These are my LOCAL first cousins...there were about 16 more that were not present...it was in 1965, so I would have been 3...I'm the cootie patootie with the red dress and black hair...my brother Brian is behind me, Mike, Judy, Faith, Lee and Laura.  Gosh, Judy looks like her daughter, AMBER!! LOL

Faith, Lee and Laura were Mother's twin sister's kids and Mike and Judy were Aunt Becky's...I loved going to Aunt Becky's...Judy always put make-up on me or took me to town...and then we would get to play in the BIG field next to their house--not biggie having a big field, BUT they had neighbors--KIDS!!

Daddy with his grandkids...Kendall, born on December 15, Alexis, born on December 28 and Kaylen...the FIRST grandchild...Alexis would come alone three years later to complete the group!  DADDY loved those kids with his whole heart...and he sure did miss seeing them grow up...He would be proud of them..  They had the BEST Poppa...wish they could have known him better...

Gramma and Kendall and Alexis...BOY, she was so happy!!  How she loved her little ones...she sure missed seeing them as she got older...

Ashland giving Kendall a kiss!!  She was a MESS!!  She has had so many health issues, but is a FIGHTER!  She was gramma's special girl...well, as was Alexis and Kaylen...BUT Kendall, she quoted him the MOST..."Gramma, you can do it ANY HOW you want to do it!!"

Memories are a great thing!  Wishing each of you a day filled with memories and the hope that you will make MORE memories EACH and EVERY day of your life...NEVER take those you love for granted BECAUSE you never know WHEN they will leave...Blessings to YOU...~charlotte♥

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