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Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Musings

Good day to you!

What a beautiful few moments Charcoal and I have had outside. It is slightly overcast, and cool.  The birds are flying and singing. The big crows are calling from above...sticks are NOT being brought back to me by da boy...sigh

I enjoy being outside with nature on days like this, and for a moment, I understand why people like to camp, but then reality hits, and I wonder WHY! LOL

As I came back inside to view my favorite news station for mornings, I was sad to hear of another fatality on the roads of Nashville. News 2 has the most awesome traffic guy, who has so many of the values I admire. He has been such a great help to so many as he roams the highways and byways to help early morning drivers.  Last week, as he drove up to a wreck, he couldn't report for a moment because he was crying when he saw a baby in a car seat being removed. The 2 babies were fine, but their 24 year old mother was killed.

I worked in Nashville for about 15 years. As I drove most every weekday for 11 of those years, unfortunately,  hearing of another fatality was too common. One day, my mind wandered as the report came over the radio of 2 young men who were killed in a fiery crash. I was overcome with emotions as I wondered about their families.  I thought that they simply got up, got ready for work, only to die...

That moment going over the bridge toward downtown has, for some reason, remained frozen in my mind. I can't explain why. I didn't know the people, and don't remember where the wreck occurred, but the questions in my mind were important to me and shaped my thinking.

I had for years, prayed each time I heard/saw red lights or a wreck, or a broken down vehicle. This started when I was helping with a youth event and we used THE GOOD SAMARATIAN as our program. I remember the discussion of being very careful when stopping to help strangers, because we never know. The discussion continued when one of the youth stated, "we can always PRAY."

WOW...lesson learned! 32 years later, I pray! Every siren brings a moment of me asking for safety of the drivers of the emergency vehicles,  for the families, the victims, for guidance, for the needs of the moment being met...

We don't know when our life will end. We don't know the circumstances, but we DO have the gift of eternal life, if we choose to accept it, and for forgiveness. I pray YOU are ready.  I pray to keep myself ready,  but also, I snicker at my Daddy who said so many times, "I'm not homesick, yet!"

The lesson: LIVE your life to the fullest. Stop dreading Mondays. Stop wishing your life away. Quit wasting time dreading those things that must be done, because, my wise Daddy also said, "dreading is 99% of the battle"...

So, in honor of Daddy's wisdom, I will get up and get to doing things that need doing...well, maybe, in just a few minutes... :)

Have thee most blessed of days!~~charlotte♡


  1. Beautiful qoutes..
    Thank you for sharing x

  2. Amen! I needed this post today. <3


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