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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tutorial Thursday

Where is time going?  

 It is already Thursday and another week has almost disappeared!

Do you have plans this weekend?

We never celebrated holidays at my house, since Daddy had to milk every day, come rain or shine! BUT we always took time to be THANKFUL!

We would often go to a neighbor’s house to eat, or have someone to come here, but really, those days were always pretty low key.  Don’t get me wrong, my Mother was the Queen of Hospitality, so having someone over for a meal was quite common, and we always seemed to enjoy it.  I especially enjoyed when they had a child close to my age, since it was usually just me and my brother, so a new playmate was always welcomed…and yes, I loved being with my brother, except when I was his “raslin” partner…LOL

I want to be sure to say THANKS for those who gave their life in defense of this country.  Our country is not perfect, nor are her citizens, and certainly not her leaders, but we are FREE and we get to disagree with things and with people that we don’t agree with…

SO, be sure to HONOR the men and women who gave their lives for us to have this freedom, and ACT like you appreciate this freedom…be kind…pray for each other…pray for our leaders…treat others as YOU wish to be treated.

We ARE a GREAT Country, but a little respect for each other, SURE could go a long WAY…

God Bless America…Thank YOU for those who gave ALL…

When we went to someone’s home, most always, Mother carried SOMETHING.  So, to carry on this tradition for letting me in your little corner of the world, I thought I would give you something!

This is a quick line drawing that you can “whip out” to use as a hostess gift, if you need one.

OF COURSE, I used the only paint I have~~
DecoArt Americana Acrylics!  
 I strongly suggest that you give them a try.

The background is based in Harbor Blue.  I used 2 coats, sanding between the coats.

When this dried, I applied a good coat of water and painted Driftwood on the surface.  You want this to be wet, but it doesn’t matter that your coverage is not good.  You can see in the picture that mine is streaky, and that is fine.

Take a piece of Plastic wrap (Saran-type wrap) and place it on the surface.  Push the plastic wrap into the paint and remove it quickly.  You WANT the wrap to be crinkly.

See how cool this is!  You will always get a different background, and that adds to the fun.  

Use the colors of your choice and it is a neat background…Enjoy!

I am giving you the line drawing.  All I ask, is if you use it, please give me credit for the design, and do not claim it as your own, because, after all, it is the NICE thing to do.  I am more than happy to share. 

Also, share it with me if you use it…I love to give inspiration whenever possible.

If you would like to purchase the pattern, I have it in my etsy shop for a special price of $2, but by all means, you do NOT have to buy it.  I give because I like to share…Click HERE to go to my etsy shop

Happy Memorial Day as we REMEMBER…Always live your life gratefully, and you will find blessings all around you…I am simply blessed to create~~charlotte♡


  1. Thank you for the inspiration. I love the adorable design. It's so nice of you to share. I saw two blue birds yesterday which is kind of rare in my area. I took them as a special gift from above. Thank you for sharing your gift of inspiration. ��

  2. Thank you for the adorable design! Woops! Just saw that's what Mitzi said. Oh well, great minds think alike. lol


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