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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Technique Tuesday

I have to admit defeat sometimes…

This isn’t going where I wanted it to go…

BUT I can share some things NOT to do…

I discovered that I need some smaller alpha/number stencils.

STRANGE how we NEVER have enough and seldom do we have what we think we need~~LOL

As I look at this, I fear someone will think I am a hold out from the old days, still sporting the number 23 in support of Michael Jordan…

OR someone will wonder why I am doing a project of “Public School #23” 

ROFL~~I crack me up!!

I honestly do not know if I will even be able to list all of the things that I have used, because I grabbed a tote of my Mixed Media that seldom gets used because it is in a different tote from the Media Fluid Acrylics, but I will make an attempt to list what I have used.

I hope this long list of products will not make you not want to try a Mixed Media project.  USE WHAT YOU HAVE!!  There is no right or wrong.  Art is a reflection of YOU, so I will try to give you a step by step of what I did, so you will know to turn and go a different direction… =)

I used DecoArt Products.  I am so proud to be a part of their Helping Artist Program.  I get some products for free, but I buy most of them with a great discount!  I have used DecoArt products for about 20 years~~long before I became a Helping Artist, so obviously, I love these products!

I painted the 16 x 20 canvas BLACK…This should have just been painted with White Gesso so that the tissue paper would have shown.

I used Decou-Page for Napkins to glue the tissue onto the Canvas Board.

On top of that, I had stamped “The Lord is My Shepherd” on Deli Paper, and had printed Psalm 23 and made a copy of the dictionary page for “Shepherd ”…I glued these on with Decou-Page Satin.

Using DecoArt Turquoise Shimmer Mister, I sprayed it along the top of the canvas, and then sprayed this with water to make it run.  I worked with this a few minutes until it was streaked down the canvas.

I repeated this process with DecoArt Media Yellow Green Mister.

I laid the canvas flat to dry.  There was a lot of drying time for this piece.

I then stenciled PS 23 and SHEPERD with Camel and a little bit of Honey Brown.  I used the DecoArt Personally Yours~~Between the Lines and Americana Olde World Numbers.

Back into the tote to pull out Media Raw Umber Antiquing Cream and I rubbed it onto the WHITE paper with my finger and a little bit onto the letters.

I used a Black Americana Writer to write: Comfort, Shepherd, mercy, I will fear no evil…When it was dry, I added DecoArt Majestic Purple Metallic Lustre on top of the lettering.  I used a damp cloth to wipe some of it off.

Back into the tote to pull out Patina Green Antiquing Cream and spread some on the paper, and then I added a “stream of still water” with this also.  I just did this with my finger…and then applied some Media Fluid Acrylics Interference Blue on top….very cool!!

I put some of the Yellow Green Mister onto my pallet and added grass around the water.

“Still Waters” was written on the water with DecoArt Aqua Glass Stain.

Using the pallet knife, I sprayed Primary Cyan Mister on my pallet, and used my pallet knife to put this along the border of the water, and smeared it with my finger.

Again, putting Primary yellow Mister on my pallet, I used the pallet knife to put along the top of the water as a highlight.

Cobalt Turquoise Hue media Fluid Acrylics was squirted on the pallet knife and spread onto the canvas.

A Fudeball Ink Pen was used to outline the lettering, because I really do like the lettering.

NOW…to decide on a sheep to put by the water…we will all be surprised to see it!!  LOL

AND NOW, MORE problems…The sheep is a white blob…So more to be done…YIKES

Here is the line drawing I used for the sheep.  You can see all the eraser marks!  See what  a mess I make trying to create?!  Right Click on your computer to save to your Computer.  You may resize it as you wish.  I think  the size I used was about 3.25 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. Use this as you wish,  Just don't claim it as your own drawing, because, well, that just isn't very nice...

SO, I decided to start writing the scripture in White all around…ok…getting better, but that scripture square is really bugging me…

Oh, wait, I will add the scripture in stripes, antique it with Raw Umber outline in with the fudeball pen and YES…much much better…

Hey, I think I can live with this.

A helpful hint is IF you have an ink-jet printer, spritz your paper with Krylon Fixative before trying to glue it.  This will set your ink.  I also do this with the stamps I have, because they don’t seem to be waterproof.  Easy solution!!  Also, the Antiquing creams and fudeball markers are activated with water, so use the Fixative spray on them once you get them as you like them. This way, you can work without removing what you just added.

Well, I hope you have learned something by watching my mess!  If ever I can answer any questions, I will do my best.

I changed the settings on my comments, so EVERYBODY should be able to leave a comment if you wish.  As soon as I get a message, I will post it and if you have a question, I will do my best to answer it.

I hope that the Lord is YOUR Shepherd.  I sure don’t know what I would do without Him.  Grab all those wonderful things that He has provided for you!  I am simply blessed to create~charlotte♡


  1. Love your 'use what you got' quote! I love deco art also but sometimes just can't afford to get what a project designer calls for. So I 'gotta' use what I got! Love the sheep!
    Feeling blessed

  2. I absolutely love this ! You used one of my favorite psalms which makes it even more special. I can not fathom the amount of time it took to create this piece. Bravo !!

  3. WOW Girlfriend!!! The finished product is definitely a work of art from the heart! I LOVE IT!!!


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