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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Mixed Media Fun

Aren't these colors fantastic?

I love whimsical...

I have been having fun with some small 3 inch canvases that I have always kept on hand.

You know, you have to be prepared for when inspiration hits you!

I put texture on these with Deco Art Media Paste.

Now, IF you are going to add glued items to the canvas, I recommend NOT adding the texture, so the items can be glued flat!! 

I added my texture with dry wall tape, punchinello and a stylus.

I will use them for another project.

I took an old dictionary page and painted it the colors I wanted to use. Since these are small, I thought this would be easier!

I cut out my shapes, being ok with imperfections! 😁😂😊

I attached my items with Deco Art Decou-Page.

This is the Deco Art Brand of Mod Podge.

Please, use what you have! 

I am a Deco Art girl, and have been for over 25 years!

I love the quality of Decoart products.

These are some of the colors I used. 

Again, use what you like.

Use what you have! 

This is before I added details.

You can see that even when you do simple, fast and easy projects, the small details bump up your project to another level.

I added my details with paint, because that is what I feel comfortable using.

You may use a pen.

Make certain it is waterproof! 

Also, test the reaction with sealer. Many will smear if you add a brush on varnish! 

And this is It!

I live the whimsical look of this.

I hope you will try it.

If you do, please share it with me!

I am simply blessed to create~charlotte♡

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