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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rain--Tutorial Thursday

I have been trying to clean out the 
albums on my phone and 
I found these pictures.

I had participated in a 3 color challenge 
a few months ago.

I had seen a video where an Artist took Crayons and melted them for the rain, so I thought I would see what I could do with the same concept using DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics.

For the challenge, 
we were to use Black and White 
and then choose another color.

I chose Cobalt Turquoise Hue.

I used 2 Andy Skinner Stencil: 
Children and Acessories

Whew--I am not a stenciler, but I keep trying.

I used a small spritzer for my water.
I picked up the spritzer at JoAnns.
I LOVE this little tool.

I began by creating the background with a 
mix of Black and White. 
I didn't want to over-mix my colors, 
or I would have simply ended up 
with a muddy mix of Grey.
There was no rhyme or reason 
to adding the colors.
I simply picked up some Black, 
then some white, 
then some more white, 
or some more Black...
I stopped when I liked it.
IF you do get a muddy mix, 
stop and allow the paint to dry, 
then begin again.

I kept the strokes in a North/South Direction.
Of course, you can try something else.

I stenciled the children and the umbrella and 
boy, howdy, again, 
I want to emphasize that 
I cannot stencil!  LOL
BUT as I keep saying, 
it is only paint, 
so I pulled out my 10/0 liner 
and repaired the blobs as best I could.
I was a bit stressed, 
so I forgot to take pictures.

I applied painters tape to cover the children.
I wanted the rain to fall around them.

I blobbed the Cobalt Turquoise Hue across the top, 
and spritzed it with water so it would run.

This was a process..
More Paint...
More water...

Finally, I just thinned my paint really thin 
and dabbed it across the top.
I kept doing this until I liked it.
I then added some white to the Turquoise 
to give it some depth.
Remember--Shading (dark) pushes your object 
BACK into the background.
Highlighting (light) brings the object 
to the FRONT.
Your goal is to have a 
shadow, the primary color, and a highlight
Of course, you can use many colors 
and layers to achieve this.
That is the fun of playing with paint.

I added a white Highlight between the children.
I thought of it as a lamplight.
Black was added under the children to ground 
them into the picture.
The lettering was added with Black.
I dry brushed Black all around the edge 
to give it a FRAME

This was a very quick project.
This is an example of being able to create ART 
without having great artistic skills.
I always want people to know that 
Things like this are great ways to learn 
shadows and highlights.
As with anything~~

I hope that YOU make time to 
do things that you love.

Grab a canvas,
3 bottles of paint
Some brushes

I am simply 
blessed to create~charlotte♡

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