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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Orange Cookies

As you know, I have my days and nights mixed up, 
and try as I may, I cannot get on a
 normal person's schedule.  
And when I try, I just make it worse.

This week, I am on the get up at 2 am schedule.

SO, at 4 am, I was making cookies.

Yesterday, I had crushed the Vanilla Wafers 
in a zip lock bag.
I sat the Orange Juice out to thaw.
I was committed at this point to finish!

As always, I seem to have a helper 
that had his own ideas.

After melting the butter, 
I thought Charcoal would like to 
lick the butter wrapper and plate.

He did...

He also ate the wrapper.

Paper is one of the main Food Groups for Labs.

Did you want the wrapper back?  Did you have plans for it?

I got the cookies made, and Look--he got the roll of Butter Rum Lifesavers off of the table and brought them to his "safe place".

Mean ole Mommie took the lifesavers away...

This is one of my most favorite cookies.  
I love that they have been in our family 
almost as long as I have~~lol
Ok, so I was 10!

My cousin, Cheryl, gave Mother the recipe in 1972.
Mother loved them, too.
She loved them rolled in Coconut.
Not me, so she rolled me some in Powdered Sugar.
That was the kind of Mother I had.  
Actually, that is how most Mothers are--
always thinking of others.


Now, the problem with this recipe, 
and hundreds of other recipes that are in our families, 
the boxes have 
gotten smaller and smaller 
through the years!
This called for a 1 pound box of Vanilla Waffers, 
but the boxes are now 11 ounces!!
You can buy 2 boxes and weigh them 
with a kitchen scale 
OR Do what I did
I tried to just make things (kinda) match.
I used the 11 ounce box of Vanilla Wafers
I had a 32 ounce bag of powdered sugar, 
so I squeezed 1/3 of the bag to made it 
ABOUT 11 ounces
I used 2/3 cups of Pecans
1 Stick of Melted butter 
(can you have too much butter?)
And my can of Orange Juice was 12 ounces, 
so I eyeballed what I thought 
was a little less than half.

I added all the ingredients to a freezer zip lock bag
to mix them--watch your zip lock, 
because sometimes they break open.

You can mix these in a bowl, 
but I already had the bag.

I also put my powdered sugar to roll them in 
into a zip lock bag.

To roll out the balls, I used a spoon to 
get the dough out of the bag.
I added powdered sugar to my hand.
Placed the dough in my hand
And rolled them.
Yes, powdered sugar was everywhere, BUT
my hands didn't get sticky one bit!

I think my favorite thing about these cookies is
Putting them on my 
bunny platter!!

I love these cookies
They are so fresh tasting!

It turns out that Charcoal still had a few tricks left in his bag...
He found this on my stack I was cleaning/putting in boxes
And he had plans for some chewing
as he tossed it on the couch
(that is the blur from throwing it)

Charcoal is ALL BOY!!

I am so thankful for all the recipes 
that have been passed down 
through my family.
Sharing with friends is such a gift.
As I held the recipe card, 
I got the warmest feelings and 
such great memories of making and taking 
handmade items to friends, and yes, to strangers.
I hope you each are taking the time 
to do things with your children/grandchild/pups =) 
to pass on heart memories.
I am thankful for the talents that 
my parents help develop.

NOW...off to have another one (or two) cookies!

I am simply blessed to create~~charlotte♡


  1. I love anything orange!! Will have to give these a try!

  2. These sound so good! Wonderful post :) I'm still chuckling!!


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