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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Music Tuesday, December 2, 2015

I can think of no other season where Music is such an important part of setting the atmosphere…Who doesn’t crank up the radio when their favorite song comes on the radio…Who doesn’t longingly wait to hear their favorite song for the first time of the season…WHO doesn’t reach for the volume to turn down that song that has been heard one too many times, weeks ago!!

I got into the car on Friday night to go get Chinese food for supper and when the Christmas music came on as I turned the switch to the car, I just sat and smiled.  As I was driving though, WHAT was played but that annoying version by Clay Aiken of “Mary Di-you know”!!  ARG….DID has a D on the end of it…I appreciate his attempting to NOT say “Mary DID JEW KNOW” like most every other version does, but COME ON…did you not LISTEN to the final cut before releasing…heavy sigh…(sorry, you are going to find that version really annoying now that I have pointed that out…)

Mother did her best to teach us proper grammar and the pronunciation of words, and when I would say, “DID JEW KNOW…” she would say that she was not Jewish…I looked at her and would try again…FINALLY, me being the smartie pants that I have always been, I got a come back to her comment. I informed her that Christ was Jewish and I was simply trying to honor our heritage! …silence…laughter…whew…I didn’t get punished this time for “sassing”!

OK…back to the topic of GOOD and POSITIVE…but it was funny that I would hear the one song I didn’t WANT to hear EVER.

Tonight, as I watched the children singing LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH on TV, it brought tears to my eyes to THINK of the horrible things that are happening in our world.  I prayed for each child as they showed them with their smiling faces and thought that somehow, music seems to make things better. I wondered how music had possibly changed the lives of some of those children.  I HOPED that somehow, someone would hear their message and it would start a change in their heart...I prayed for safety for those children...

Music has always been an important part of my life.  I started piano lessons in the 3rd grade and then piano/organ and then voice lessons…I am somewhat of a music snob, but the funny thing about me is how I love LIVE bluegrass music…No, I don’t want to listen to it on the radio or as a recording, but I love to watch the musicians and how they seem to know EVERY bluegrass song ever written.

For several years, we would travel one weekend to Norris Dam and stay in the rustic cabins (ok, that meant there was no remote control for the TV~~the NERVE!!) and would attend 2 days of the Appalachian Homecoming Festival.  We would meet our friends, Mr. Mack and Miss Stella and Mr. Mack’s sister and brother-in-law, John Bruce. I would usually fix one meal at our cabin for the “old folks” to sit and visit and then one night, we would go to the local restaurant, Golden Girls. 

The musicians would come to the restaurant and after they ate, they would gather in each of the rooms and would play and sing…it was AMAZING.

When you attend events like this, you will often see the same people year to year and will usually strike up a nice little chat with them.  While we didn’t ever speak to this lady, she would appear each year, wearing a flour sack dress…I am not sure of the significance of that, but ALWAYS she wore a flour sack dress…AND she drove a Mercedes…hmmmmmm….no judgment…just strange!

I think it was the last year that we attended, we ended up in the same little room that John Hartford was in.  He wrote GENTLE ON MY MIND (made most popular by Glen Campbell) and won about 4 grammys…read about his fascinating life if you aren’t familiar with him.  He was an amazing musician and a fun character.

Being raised close to Music City, we were always taught to leave musicians alone…I can’t count how many famous people I have sat next to and simply smiled at them so they could enjoy their time with friends or family without being bothered.
On this night, as John Hartford and LeRoy Troy were jamming, in walked FLOUR SACK LADY.  She would not leave them alone.  She kept asking for a song and would try to give some words and on and on and she would NOT go away.  It was OBVIOUS that she was annoying Mr. Hartford, but he remained kind and tried to get rid of her…What is funny about the song she was describing, I am CERTAIN that he knew it, but for whatever reason, he kept insisting he didn’t know what she was talking about…

As we were watching this unfold, and go on too long, Daddy leaned back, crossed his arms on his chest and said to me where our table could hear it, “I KNOW that Song, but I AIN’T gonna help her or sing it!!”  WE immediately burst into laughter.  Being inquisitive, I asked Daddy what it was and he told me, but I had never heard that song, but I FILED it away for future reference.

A couple of weeks later, I was to play the piano at church by myself since the organist attended a yearly reunion.  I picked my songs carefully, as I often tried to do and I found a VERY SPECIAL SONG for the Postlude.  As the service came to the end, and the Benediction had been delivered, I started playing, “Life is Like a Mountain Railroad.”  I saw Mother stifle a laugh as the choir left the sanctuary.  Daddy came up to me after the service with that silly grin of his and said, “Whatcha playin’, Gal?”

It became a great joke with Mother and Daddy and me.  I played it several times from then on to remember the fun times we shared.  We had this song played when they brought Daddy’s casket into the funeral.  I KNOW he was smiling in Heaven.  If you haven’t heard this song, go to You Tube…I like the Stephen Curtis Chapman version that is there.

I shared on my Facebook post a few days ago, that Daddy’s Favorite song was “Give the World A Smile Every Day”.  He would sing this in the car many times as we would be going somewhere and he would attempt to sing all 4 parts~~it was hilarious and he would get that silly grin of his as we watched him giving us a smile…We had this song played when they took the casket out at his funeral…WHAT better testimony to his life!!  Again, go to You Tube and watch The Cathedrals sing this song if you haven’t heard it!  You WILL smile.

I wonder how I got so blessed to have the parents I had while others got crappy parents…I don’t understand WHY I was given the BEST that Life had to offer while others didn’t…It took me a long time to realize that not everyone had parents like mine.  Oh, how blessed we were!

I am giving THANKS today for the GIFT of Music…to be raised in a home with meaningful SONGS is truly a gift that I do not take for granted…

BE the MUSIC for someone today…Sing your LIFE in perfect harmony with the qualities that are pure…honorable…kind…loving…beautiful…supportive…Make a JOYFUL NOISE!!

I wish blessings for you…~charlotte

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  1. Music is so awesome! I wish that i had pursued it further. But hindsight is always 20/20. I am just thankful that i had the privilege to lead the singing at the little church that Brian was pastor at. BTW - if i HAD to pick only one Christmas song as a favorite, i'd probably have to say "O Holy Night".


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