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Saturday, September 27, 2014

What were you doing on THIS DATE through the Years? Saturday, September 27, 2014

My mother kept a journal for MANY years…oh, it had nothing to do with her feelings, but mostly with WHAT was happening in our family and in our community.


I’ve told you MANY times, that Mother LOVED…She LOVED with her whole heart and soul and she LOVED people who did NOT like her…She did EXACTLY what she was MANDATED to do in the Bible…

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the journals and see WHAT was happening in Springfield, Tennessee on This day in several years…

She kept track of who died, who was having a birthday, and YES, you BETTER believe that SHE sent them a birthday card!  She was remarkable in her correspondence with people…On this sheet, she had Bob’s (my oldest brother) address and the address and name of his dorm   AND she had when Bob would have ROTC drills…she had the phone number of a friend whom she invited to CELEBRATE with us upon Bob’s return from Army Basic…it was a VERY tough time for him and she was SO PROUD of his accomplishement!

I even found a journal that Daddy kept in 1962.  We had sharecroppers and he would document DAILY who worked for whom and what they/he did…I find it interesting that on this day, Daddy Electioneered and THEN stopped buy calf feed!  I WONDER who he electioneered FOR…I can bet my bottom dollar that is was a DEMOCRAT and that it was probably for some local election!  I just wonder…

In 1998, Mother was having a CRISIS because she could no longer get the journals from Clinard’s that she had used for years and so she just made do with a notebook…BOY, This week was FULL!!  The 27th was on a Sunday and I see that she went VISITING as she often would…Bob was to fly to Baltimore…She installed CPW officers at church (CPW is Cumberland Presbyterian Women)…And Carney Bell had a tragic accident…Carney was the long-time funeral director at Austin & Bell…He was a VERY pretty man and very personable~~aren’t most funeral workers?  He was amazing in that he would cut out articles about people from the local papers, laminate them, send them to the people in the community and write a short note…he PROBABLY had his secretary to do most of the work, but I always was VERY impressed because he did NOT have to do this!  I also found it very funny that Mother spent a great deal of that week base coating for me!

I would Pay her $5/hour to base items so that I could paint the details when I got home from work…Our First BIG SHOW was always the first weekend in November!  YIKES…boy, she and daddy were a lifesaver for ME!

1991was another busy week…On this day she went to a retreat at church and made peach cobbler and tea…BOY, it does NOT get much more Southern than that…A friend of hers died that week and of course, she went to the funeral…She did her BEST to attend funerals of those she loved!  AND I had a craft show in Greenbrier that Saturday…YIKES, it was so SLOW, but Mother and Daddy stayed so I could stay at home and paint!

Oh, my cousin had a birthday this week in 1969 and that is my middle brother’s writing…Notice that Mother wrote with a Blue fountain pen…she used that pen for EVERYTHING and for YEARS until it could no longer be repaired.  I see that on the 25th both Brian and I had sleep-overs…I can GUARANTEE that we got up in the middle of the night to take Julie home…she ALWAYS got homesick!  And sadly, the guy that spent the night with Brian was arrested a few years ago for domestic abuse…What bad decisions we sometimes make in life…sad..

1962 was the year I was born…Mother was VERY VERY pregnant since I would be born on October 30…She did not have very much written, BUT I think it is funny that she went to visit her twin sister in Clarksville with her friend, JoNell, who was ALSO very pregnant…She would have her daughter, Marcia, 2 days after I was born!  I also find it interesting that I randomly chose the year 1998 to show you since she went to visit Marcia on the same date years later!  hmmm...I guess it just proves again the NOTHING happens by coincidence...

I was sick this week in 1971 with strep throat!  I remember Mother boiling all the plates, bowl, silverware that I used to eat…It hurt my feelings and I missed school…Can I get a BIG BOO HOO from YOU!!  

1965 made me sad.  It tells that they found Uncle Bud on the floor when they got up the morning of the 27th…But it shows that Mother had The David Moore’s for lunch on the Sunday before this happened and how we had visitors.

I think this is an amazing part of history…No, none of my family has changed the world and probably NEVER will, but I DO KNOW, and this is proof, that We have made a difference in some people’s lives and THAT is SUCCESS!  I have a great heritage and this is just more proof…

I hope you had fun seeing a little bit of what happened on this date in my community…I plan to share more…Have a GREAT day, and why not start keeping a record for YOUR family to have one day…maybe they don’t care now, but one day, they just might!

…blessings to YOU…~charlotte

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  1. It is so nice to look back on these - good time and not so good times as well - and relive those days. I find that I am even doing that with my blog posts - as I can remember the days so clearly when I go back to read them. These journals are to be cherished, as you know! Thanks again for sharing, Charlotte! Have a wonderful day! :) Sheila


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