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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Simple Hostess Gifts, Sunday, September 28, 2014

 I was raised to always take a gift when I was invited to someone’s house and WHEN we entertained for special events, we always had hostess gifts for those who attended.

Times have changed quite a bit, but there are SPECIAL times that warrant a little extra something.

DecoArt has a Full line of products that make crafting SO EASY!

DecoArt has a product that I LOVE.  It is Americana Clear Chalkboard Coating.  It turns a surface into a Chalkboard! 

I bought these cut-outs from Cabin Crafters (Click HERE to go to the website)  and painted them as a VERY simple Pumpkin…I followed the directions on the bottle and NOW, I have these cute pumpkins that I can write the menu on each of them and place them across the plate…When the meal is finished and your guests go home, they can take the pumpkins with them to use as a decoration for their fridge since I put a magnet on the back!!  It would be a handy item to jot down a short message…

This idea could be used with any SIMPLE shape for most any holiday…Snowmen would be ADORABLE…just use colored chalk!  And REALLY, even though you might not paint beautifully, most everyone can paint a pumpkin cut-out orange, the stem brown and just take a permanent marker and make some marks around the end to give it a FINISHED look…Simple is GOOD…Or you can always make it prim by sanding it off!!  OR, you can ask your “crafty friend” to paint some for you to have on hand…YOU can add the chalkboard finish!  =) 

You could use this to make a PIN into a name tag also…STOP ME NOW before I start listing more ideas…ROFL!!

These would also make cute little gifts for School teachers, Sunday School teachers, Co-workers, students or to TAKE as a hostess gift…The possibilities are ENDLESS!!  Cutouts are easily found and I can almost bet that there are people in your community that could cut the wood for YOU!!

It’s time to start thinking about these SIMPLE things that YOU can do to make an occasion a bit more special…Put those thinking caps on and get to work…

…Blessings to YOU…charlotte♥


  1. What a wonderful idea! I know someone who would just love something like this. I love reading your blog Charlotte. It is filled with wonderful stories and ideas and is a great way to start my day! Have a great Sunday! :) xox

  2. I just love this simple idea Charlotte! Thank you for sharing!


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