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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Technique Thursday: Multi Surface Paint

Well, now, I guess I thought the elves would finish this post for me.
There they were, just sitting on the shelf above the laptop.

I did, after all, add all the pictures and then promptly 
went about my day doing...

hmmmmm...what was I doing?

I do remember there was some ice cream at one point.
Oh, well, WELCOME to my world! 

I thought I would share some tiles that I painted using 
DecoArt Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics

I had a special order for 4 tiles.
I have a habit, not necessarily a bad habit, of painting more than needed so my customer can have a choice.
I want them to be happy.
So, these are the tiles that I painted.
She chose the first four.

This is a design by Betty Bowers that 
I painted using these paints.
Isn't he cute!!

I haven't used this paint for very many things.
It is very similar to using water-based Enamel Paint.
You can't add water to it, or it will ruin its adhesive quality.
I have no problems with not using water since I learned to paint using the "dirty brush" method, 
meaning that I added my highlights/shading by working them in with the base coat.
It was all I knew to do, and it is similar to 
how one would paint with oils, 
but I have never done that, either...LOL

These paints are very translucent, so I base my design with white.
You may add White to your paint to help make them more opaque,
 but I am ok with that; however, I DO wish the black were opaque, 
but I can live with it for a bit.

I free-hand many of my paintings.

The colors I used were:
Black Tie, Cottonball, Pumpkin Patch, Paprika, True Blue, leprechaun, coffee bean, muted Gold, eggplant, red barn

Shake the bottles really well.
I discovered that the paint seems to separate easily.
I thought I would share how to paint a very easy bird.
I showed you how to paint a pumpkin, so let's add to it.
Start by making a ZERO for the bird's body.

Add the two sides to the Pumpkin and add the tail to the bird, simply by making a rectangle.
Make the end of the tail jagged.

Base the colors.  
For the bird, I added White to the True Blue to make it lighter.
Notice on the bird, I left a little of his belly white.
I also added two little lines for his beak.
I added two coats of each color.

I thinned the Red Barn and added it to the belly.

 Add the beak with Muted Gold.
Use a flat brush and add Paprika to the edges of the pumpkin.
I added some Muted Gold to inside the pumpkin, too.
Add the eye to the bird with Black Tie, 
followed with a dot of cottonball.
Using the darker True Blue, add some lines to the tail 
and add a little to the top of the bird.
Outline with Black Tie.

Add a vine with Black Tie.

Use a White Charcoal pencil to make a line to 
write a message across the top,
Notice how icky the writing is?
Add "berries" with Eggplant.
Mix some cottonball with the eggplant 
and go over the "berries" again. 
The leaves are leprechaun.

Go over the writing again, and it looks fine.
I tried to use the very tip of the liner brush 
and kept a good amount of paint on the tip.

hmmm...not the best writing, but not too bad...
I think I will scratch off that "i" 
and try that again...LOL

Hey, it is JUST PAINT!

I hope this will inspire you to try some painting.
Really, anyone can do it IF they wish to!
Share with me if you try to paint this or something similar.
It never hurts to have a "birdie in your pocket" to paint!

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world.
Leave me a comment, if you wish.
I love to get to know YOU.
 I am simply blessed to create~charlotte♡


  1. Very cute! I always look forward to your tutorials. Thanks for sharing! 🌻🍁🌸

  2. Love your work and your ability to "free hand".


Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world. In case you haven't been told, you are loved!~~charlotte♡