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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Whacky Wednesday

It is Whacky Wednesday!!

I can’t think of a single thing that is Whacky, but I haven’t posted on a Wednesday in a while, so I thought it was time.

It has been a beautiful week in Middle Tennessee.

We sure could use some rain, but I am thankful for the nice weather to play with Charcoal.

I have laughed with him as we played fetch.  He has sniffed and sniffed and sniffed…

On Sunday morning at 3 am, we were out “sniffing” and he decided that perhaps he should answer the call of nature before bedtime.

He sniffed for the perfect spot…did the circle dance of his people, when he stepped on a stick (he had left there earlier in the day), and jumped straight up and promptly went to another spot a few yards away!

I laughed as he gave me the stink eye.

Fast forward 12 hours, and we are outside again after a nice sleep.

I sat down on the steps to reach for a stick to start our game of Fetch, when he dropped the big stick he had left (as he most always does) close to the step on my TOE!

I am pretty certain it was dropped in retaliation of my laughing at him.

He doesn’t forget!

We play fetch, quite often in the dark.  He usually brings me back the stick I threw!  I find that funny.

It has been a long hot summer, and Charcoal had no desire to play outside or to stay for long, and I had to force him to go potty.  It made me sad.

The mosquitoes and fleas were awful, so I didn’t complain, But it did worry me that he didn’t want to play.

As soon as the weather changed, my boy was back to himself, as if the long, hot summer was a dream.

Tonight, he brought his FIRST stick to “HIS PILE” for the first time in a long time.

The other day, while he was “fetching”, I reached over to “HIS PILE” to see if I could break some more of the big limbs into smaller ones.  He came FLYING back and yanked those sticks out of my hands and returned them to “HIS PILE”.  He isn’t very kind in grabbing them back.  He will take them out of my “fetching” pile and put them into “HIS PILE”.

Oh, what a silly bundle of love he is!  A bit possessive, but that is ok.

As I was sending a message to a friend, I told her that I MUST go to the store because I only had: a can of refried beans, one can of Garbanzo beans, 2 cans of crushed pineapple, spaghetti noodles, a package of yellow rice, a serving of ham, a serving of shrimp, four packages of frozen veggies.  I snickered as she said to add the ham to the spaghetti.  No, that is for the pizza crust I forgot to mention!  LOL…

As I went to prepare my meal for the day, I decided to cook the shrimp and I thought the yellow rice would be really good.  Yellow rice is just about one of my most favorite things to eat with just about anything!  As it was cooking, I wished that I had some black beans to go with it.  I remembered the can of Garbanzo beans (yep, organic), so I drained them and heated them.  As I was waiting for all of this to heat/cook, I glanced over to see 3 tomatoes that I had pulled out to eat before they ruined.  I remembered that I had some sweet onions~~another staple that is most always in my house.

I chopped the tomatoes, and the onion, placed the yellow rice and Garbanzo beans on the plate and mixed them together for an amazingly wonderful tasting salad!!

As I looked at the bounty that I found after my few moments of “wondering” what was left to eat, shame over took me. I had a feast!  Oh, how many people would LONG to have the “scarce” pantry I thought was incapable of nourishing my body and definitely not satisfying my hunger.

Once again, God kept His promise~~He prepared a feast in the presence of mine enemies...

The enemies of fear, frustration, doubt, and hunger were shown WHO was the BOSS!

“Bless this food to the nourishment of my body and my health to YOUR service.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son and my Lord, Amen.”

Thank You, God…Have I mentioned how blessed I am…~charlotte♡

My favorite rice salad made with yellow rice! 
The veggie salad above it is yummy, too! 

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