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I LOVE to design and to paint whimsical items that will put a smile on your face. Each day I share my simple life with you as I try to encourage, to inspire and sometimes JUST to make you smile as I recount my life growing up on a dairy farm! I've never had many material items in my life, BUT I have been blessed beyond words with love and encouragement from WONDERFUL Parents who instilled in me WHAT was important. I have had EVERYTHING that I needed and WAY too much of what I wanted. I am slowly learning to be a better person each day through my interactions with my friends on Facebook. Some day I hope to be as good as people seem to THINK I am! I am BLESSED! Welcome to my little corner of the world...Please stop by and visit often!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Serendipity ... Tuesday, November 10, 2015


What a frustrating day trying to find the note that was enclosed!!

Yep...the pup...I had opened the box on the back porch as the pup played and he brought me a stick only to promptly get it wrapped in my purse and dump EVERYTHING on the ground...sigh...

After searching high and low and outside again and again, I found the note INSIDE my purse...I guess Charcoal was just helping me to put it in a safe place...silly pup!

The note read:  This is made of cedar and finished with Danish oil.  The little bird is cut from Tru Stone, a material turners use to make pens.

And then the cute little Pup...oh dear me!!

The note continued:  The other two items I left unfinished in the hopes you will enjoy painting them.   

Me:  I think I should name this pup FRECKLES!  

And THEN to be able to see how she cut this cute little owl was amazing to me!!  Funny, My scroll saw doesn't do ANYTHING like this!  =)

The note continued: I left one enclosed in the block to show how they are cut.  Open it up, there's a surprise inside!  Just throw away the pieces that fall out.  They were all made on the scroll saw, which is my area of expertise,  I only dabble at painting and it isn't something I'll ever do that well...lol  But it's given me something to do while being sick so long.

The owl and puppy are made of sugar pine (smell it, it's my favorite perfume...)...Diana

This package smelled like the stripping room where Daddy cut wood...nothing smells better than fresh cut wood!

I have had a woodsie candle burning tonight in hopes of bringing more memories to my mind...aaaaaahhhh~~peace....

Thank you, Diana...you have no idea how special this was to me!

What a TREAT...Today, I am thankful for serendipitous gifts...I hope that all who read this KNOW the joy of getting something like this in the mail for absolutely no reason...Be sure to live your life paying it forward.  The one thing I am sure about that has been proven to me time and time again, is that you CANNOT OUT GIVE GOD...I wish BLESSINGS TO YOU...~charlotte


  1. What an awesome box of goodies! You are a TRUE example of giving & expecting nothing in return, my friend. You are a blessing to us all! Love you!

  2. How wonderful to see! I have know Diana for many years and I love her dearly - as I do you, Charlotte. What beautiful work she does and like you, she has the kindest heart. This really made me smile. How lovely! :)


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