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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On the SIXTH Day of Christmas, Tuesday, December 16, 2014

As I was standing in line today at the Post Office, I remembered going shopping with my brother.

I have two brothers.  One is 10.5 years older than I and the other is 2 years older.  Both of these brothers at one time, came to be my best friend, BUT it was Brian who was my FIRST best friend since we were so close in age.  We fought like cats and dogs and then came to be the best of buddies...my Aunt wasn’t so sure this would EVER happen.  She would come to visit us from California and would tell mother that she had to leave because Brian and I were driving her CRAZY!

Brian used me as his “rastlin’” partner and I had several VERY painful Indian Burns, sprained ankles and shoulders almost pulled out of joint because of him.  Mother had to ban him from watching those shows JUST so I could survive childhood in one piece.

As we got into high school, we started becoming buddies…the ONLY problem was that our friends who didn’t know us both, thought we were DATING…He went by FLETCH and I was CHAR.  I told him that he should take it as a compliment because NEVER could he get a girlfriend like me~~I was WAY out of his league!

We used to watch SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE when it was funny.  I don’t know if our sense of humor changes when we get old, or if humor has just passed us by.  One of our favorite skits was when Eddie Murphy would do a skit of Gumbi…it was hilarious!

NOW, let me give a disclaimer at this point, because the story I will tell WILL offend some.  Those who know me KNOW how important my Faith is and that I take Christmas VERY seriously, BUT again, those who KNOW me, know I have a WICKED sense of humor.  SO, I apologize to those that will be offended and say, as my mother told me MANY time, YOU have the SAME BRITCHES to get GLAD in!  SO if you are offended, it is YOUR fault.  You have been WARNED.

My mother, who was about as straight laced as they come, found this to be funny, so read on if you choose!

Brian and I did MOST all of our shopping together…As a matter of fact, we did most of our activities together since we enjoyed being with each other.  This one Christmas season, Brian and I were both home from college and we had gone to the mall to buy a present for our oldest brother.  We were standing in a VERY LONG line, and we were just laughing and passing the time away.  We weren’t being obnoxious or rude or overly loud, BUT when we would laugh, people would turn around and give us the most AWFUL FROWN.  This made us laugh more.  We would try to straighten up and stop laughing and when I gained my composure, I whispered a line from Eddie Murphy’s Gumbi:  I said MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Brian quietly repeated the OTHER line of “dammit”…THEN we both burst into laughter…again the FROWNS!  We were laughing at those who FAILED to find the JOY of shopping during the most GLORIOUS of seasons…they were miserable and it made us wonder WHY they were bothering to buy presents since they sure were NOT doing it with the Spirit of Christmas…To this day, the words MERRY CHRISTMAS, bring a smile to my heart as I remember the JOY of that shopping trip!

I am amazed at the frowns of some people during this season.  So many grumble as they stand in line to purchase or to mail their gifts.  We act like we JUST DISCOVERED that Christmas occurs on December 25th!  WHY get in such a tizzie because of poor planning…GO with the flow!  Those around you sure don’t deserve the grumpiness!

I usually find someone to talk to during long lines.  WHY not…I have had some of the most fun standing in line…might as well LAUGH!

One of my favorite traditions was to make CHEX MIX for my brothers.  We used to call it DOO DADS…we would put cheerios and STICK pretzels in it with PECANS…We had an old metal TOM’s Chips can that we would put it in each year. THAT to me, is HOW Chex Mix SHOULD be made!  I won’t bother sharing the recipe because it is ALL over the place, BUT think about making a BIG BATCH to share with your friends…To ME, Christmas is just not complete without it.

I no longer get to enjoy being with my brothers and I miss them, but they now have families.  PLEASE, keep those you love close and NEVER abandon them…you WILL regret it!  LAUGH…do NOT EVER pass up an opportunity to laugh and when others are laughing, just join right in!...Blessings to YOU…~charlotte♥


  1. lol too funny... great memories... and there are so many cranky peeps out there.. gotta wonder about it... I may hate shopping but I love buying things that I know they will like.. what is Christmas without nuts and bolts... lol..

  2. Charlotte - you have given me my first chuckle of the day. Thank you! Laughter is so important all year long. I'm with you on these cranky people....poor planning. I managed a Things Remembered kiosk years ago. And my assistant manager & i worked Christmas Eve until 5. At 5:00, the lights went out & we covered everything up. But every year, as we are counting the till, someone would come up & want a pen engraved & get mad at us, because we wouldn't do it for them. Did they forget that they had a year to get ready for this day? LOL

  3. Thank you for sharing such a fun memory. I agree, people seem more grouchy and aggressive this time a year. Which is the exact opposite of the holiday spirit. I made muddy buddy chex mix today.


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