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Thursday, May 11, 2017


I accidentally watched a video a few weeks ago.
It just loaded after I finished watching something!
A lady was making flowers from Toilet Paper Rolls.
I was intrigued, but couldn't watch the video...
I just wanted her to STOP talking!!
I was able to get the gist of the technique and knew I wanted to try.

SO....I found a surface...
An old stool that was painted Yellow and needed some LOVE...

I gathered the colors I wanted to use.

I got 3 toilet paper rolls
I put green tape around them to make sure 
I got them the same length on all sides.
I cut one short...
...one medium length
...one longer.

As always, I have baby wipes on hand.
They are so useful in wiping stuff off your hands
AND wiping up mistakes--hmmmm...I Keep LOTS on hand...lol

I wrap my brush in plastic wrap between coats
I HOPE to make a project soon with this dirty brush
Stay tuned...
I used CHERISH to base the stool.
I LOVE this yummy color.

It seems that BRIGHT COLORS 
are being used for 
all of my projects, these days!
I LOVE the Bright Purple!

I used 3 colors for the flowers:
Treasure, New Life, Revive
I started with the longest cut Roll.
Isn't that COOL!!

I put the paint on a paper plate--not a lot of paint
Placed the roll into the paint and gently twirled it around to load.
I gently place the loaded roll onto the surface.
I pressed the "petal" down with my fingers
Lifted it straight off.

I tried mixing up the placement of colors.
On this one, I put the shortest roll down first
Then the longest one
Finished by the medium length.

I started by loading the longest roll with Treasure
The medium roll with New Life
The shortest roll with Revive.
By the end, I was mixing it up to give new colors 

It didn't bother me that is blobbed...
it was going to have at least 3 layers, anyway!
My short "petals" were cut thicker than the other 2 rolls.
Honestly, this was all trial and error.

I just kept "stamping" until there was 
no more room to place flowers.
I love to live dangerously without 
too much planning.
Happy accidents were happening.
You can tell that I started to mix my colors.

This gives you an idea of how I was stamping them.
I tried to not load too much paint on the rolls.

This is what it looked like when I finished 

I then added Inheritance to the centers.
I liked how the wet paint added 
another color to the centers.
It took two coats.
I simply stippled the centers 
with a small stencil brush, 
trying to make the centers round.

Next, I outlined the centers with Carbon.
I added random lines around the flower petals
I really am liking seeing them come to life!

I added Carbon squigglies 
to fill in the space.
I also added a broken line 
of Carbon around the edges, too.

I turned the stool and chose the top to be the highlight 
and the bottom to be the shadow of each flower.
I stippled LACE at the top for my highlight on each flower,

I went back over this with the Inheritance 
to knock back the highlight 
that was too strong.

I used a large paintbrunsh handle to add Lace 
dots of various sizes to the top of each flower center .
I added dots to the bottom 
of each flower center with Rustic.
Dots of Lace were added 
around the surface with my finger.
It think that made it perfect!

Hint: When painting, 
it is a good idea to bring the colors 
of your design into the background.
That is the main reason that 
I added Carbon squiggles 
and the Lace fingerprints.

I really do like this!
It was so easy, too.

I finished this by applying 
a coat of clear Wax.

I hope you will try this.
IF you want a smaller center, 
you can roll up pieces of Cardstock 
and make them any size!
The possibilities are endless.
The color combinations...oh, the possibilities!!

Make certain to allow your soul to CREATE!!
It will renew your life and your outlook...

I am simply blessed to create~charlotte♡


  1. Love this! Looks pretty fun. Make I should make a boarder around my creation room using this technique. Thank you for sharing.

  2. oOoh I love this... so pretty!! Thank you!!

  3. Those are awesome....and we BOTH know that I have an excellent "source" for empty t-paper rolls!

  4. Charlotte, love this!! I have a stool that I was wondering what to do with - may try this! TY, for the inspiration!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your creative journey...love that you spread happiness! ....oh, and this project, NEATO ! :)

  6. Wow it is looking so beautifulnd


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