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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Ralphie Report

I apologize for no Wednesday  posting,
 but I spent all day trying to find Ralphie!!

I kept hearing sounds-- 
many of them similar to a mouse, 
BUT there was giggling.

I would get up and go search, 
but would find nothing. 

This went on all day!  
AND to top it all off, 
I could not find my phone! 

I was exhausted from all the searching, 
so I decided to just go to sleep...

Many of you know this, but My sleeping schedule varies from week to week. The past two weeks have been back to sleeping all day. I try so hard to get on a "normal" schedule, but it doesn't happen often. 

When I awakened today, 
my phone was back 
where it usually stays.

I found this very baffling, 
but when I opened it, 
I saw a picture of a big black paw! 

I scanned through the pictures
 to find that Ralphie had gotten in the car. 
Look at him. 
He even has "the lean".

I looked in my phone again, 
and there were some notes....

It seems that Ralphie
 took the car for a drive, 
and he kept a diary of the adventure.

Ralphie seems to think he went to the ocean! 
He doesn't realize that Middle Tennessee 
is far from the ocean;
 however, there was a note that said: 
look at all of the WATER!! 
I am so happy to see the ocean! 

The next photo said 
he wanted everybody to know 
he was safe...
He found a lifesaver! 
He likes that his lifesaver is named : 
Butter Rum.

Oh, dear,
 it seems the car has crashed 
into the heater! 


Poor, sweet Ralphie has 
so much to learn!

But, all is ok.
Ralphie and Charcoal
 are snuggled together 
taking a nap.

Maybe I can get some work done 
while they sleep...

...until next time...

Love from us all!
Charcoal, Ralphie and Me!♡


  1. Wow he is having fantastic adventures! Maybe I should have sent myself around instead of Ralphie haha!

    1. Well, I am not saying, in any way, you are fat, but I don't think I could afford the postage! Bwah ha ha ha...ok...going to hide...

  2. Glad you slept, Heard there was quite a hail storm in Cleveland, Glad Ralphie didn't decide to drive there. Wendy , plane tickets are expensive, but probably cheaper than the postal service. Giggles and Grins. Hope you both have a great day.

    1. I am far away from Cleveland! Lol well, about 3 hours, maybe. We had some rain early on Thursday, but I slept through it. Poor Ralphie would probably get lost! Lol Let's not tell Ralphie that they make M&Ms in Cleveland! Ha ha ha

  3. Ralphie isn't anywhere near as NAUGHTY as you......sigh. Glad he got to go to the beach.

  4. Ah Ha, big black paw - evidence. Ralphie seems to have a very creative tootle brain, and he is wonderful at creating stories. Way to go Ralphie! Let's hear more of your adventures.



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