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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Get EGGcited for Easter! Wednesday, April 1, 2015

One of my MOST favorite things about Easter, is hiding eggs!  I LOVE to watch the children running and gathering the eggs...I LOVE those who hunt with the buddy system, or the ones who are so focused on finding the golden egg, or those who methodically browse the area to find ALL the eggs that those in a hurry skipped over in trying to find ONLY the easy ones...It reminds me of life and the different personalities that we come across...BUT most of all, I LOVE the JOY of the event!

 When I moved to Arkansas as the Christian Education/Music director, we were discussing the egg hunt and what we had to do...I was AMAZED at how in the world anyone could STRIP an event of so much fun...They used real eggs (YUCK)...and the refreshments were popcorn and lemonade BECAUSE there was NO SUGAR and NO COLORING so that the children would not be EXCITED...ugh...YEP...We SURE didn't want CHILDREN to be HAPPY at CHURCH...

I KNOW this is amazing, BUT never do I remember dying eggs for Easter...It could be that because I didn't like eggs, Mother knew it would not be something that I would enjoy, but then, MAYBE we did and I just don't remember it!

I am NOT an egg eater...IF I don't taste them, then there is no problem, but the moment I taste one, that is it!

We all have grown weary of my telling you HOW MUCH I was a Daddy's girl, but you just have to get used to that, because I WAS...If my Daddy ate it, then I would eat it UNTIL I just could not stand it...

I can remember a particular moment as well as I can see the fingers on my hand.  I was probably about 3ish...Each morning we would gather around the table and Daddy most always ate the same thing~~2 pieces of toast with Karo Syrup (the clear kind), 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon or sausage and coffee.  Each day he would cut the toast into 9 pieces, and then mash his eggs-over-easy with his fork~~that could be the beginning of my NOT eating eggs~~YUCK!!!

I LONGED to have MY toast cut JUST LIKE DADDY's, so I asked him to cut it, so he did...THE PROBLEM was, he had EGG on his fork and he got it on my toast!  I can remember sitting and watching that yucky yellow merging with my pretty tan toast covered in syrup and I was HORRIFIED...I said: YOU GOT EGG ON MY TOAST...I was told to EAT it anyway...I THEN started a crying fit saying that I could NOT eat it...It was NOT a very happy meal for anyone that day...and I assure you that I did NOT eat that toast!!

This kind of egg is more MY STYLE...This would be a FUN project for the kids to help with...
they would LOVE to shred the cloth!!

Simply tear strips of cloth about 1 inch wide and hot glue the end and just wrap around the egg until it is covered...I added a drop of glue at both ends of the egg when I started so it wouldn't slide off.

If you wish to HANG the eggs, be sure to put your 
wire in the egg BEFORE you wrap it...

When you have it wrapped, secure the end with another drop of hot glue.  Brush on Decou-Page and let it dry...You can also use Mod Podge, school glue or fabric stiffner.  Simply lay it on a styrofoam plate or wax paper to dry...

Place in a bowl with a tag and pip berries and you have a FESTIVE Easter Decoration...

Put some in a bag for a hostess gift...

Wishing you the JOY of Children hunting for Easter Eggs...Blessings to YOU...~charlotte


  1. What a fun idea! Happy Easter to you Charlotte! I love reading your inspiring posts! :)

  2. Oh - and I loved your 'glittery' fingers, too! ;)


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