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Monday, February 10, 2014

Katie Cow...Monday, February 10, 2014

I thought I would share another pattern with you...AND maybe you would like to see how I developed this design

First I decided on what surface I would use.  I then drew the surface on my piece of paper and I sketched my design.  The surface I used was 3.75 x 6.25 inches.

I used Americana Paints...USE what you have...adjust it to fit YOUR color palette AND if you do NOT have the color I used, Use what you HAVE because...OK...EVERYBODY with me NOW (Karalee...) IT IS JUST PAINT!!

I started by Painting my background with French Vanilla.  I sanded it and added another coat of the French Vanilla.
The heart is Antique Mauve
The sleeves and tennis shoes are Green Tea
The skirt is Hauser Light Green
The face, hands and legs are Flesh Tone
The socks are white.
 It will take at least two coats of paint.

I shaded all of the Flesh tone with Raw Sienna...AND also used this to shade around the girl and the surface.  I shaded the white socks with Raw Sienna.

The Greens were all shaded with Light Avocado.  I added stripes to the sleeves with this also. Add lines and a bow to the tennis shoes.

Next the heart was shaded with Tuscan Red, with some stripes of this being added to the sleeve.

I added cheeks with Antique Mauve.  The heart was dry brushed with Petal Pink and then white.  The skirt was dry brushed with Green Tea.  The shoes were lightly dry brushed with Light Avocado.

I finished with the details of the mouth, nose and eyes with thinned black.  The hair was done with a liner and thinned Raw Sienna...I LOVE to make wispy hair!  Add some Raw Umber and some French Vanilla to get some texture for the hair.  Add white dots to the top of each cheek and the eyes.  The flowers on the heart are red circles of Tuscan Red.  When this dries, add a swirl with French Vanilla.  YOU is painted with white... XO was painted using Antique Mauve and Petal Pink...THAT IS IT...

I think I will call her Katie Cow...

You may copy and paste this pattern and use these directions to PAINT...BUT please, show RESPECT for me and my design by NOT claiming it as YOUR OWN!  I am more than happy to share this with you...PLEASE don't show me I was wrong to trust you...If you do paint this, SHARE it with me so I can see it!

Have a GREAT good week...Happy Painting and Blessings to YOU...~charlotte♥

Click  HERE  to find WHERE you can order the surface that I used to paint this design.


  1. Too cute... thank you... love how she turned out... Katie Cow??? really?? lol
    Love you..xo

    1. WELLLLL....she had xo all over the place...AND she is my katie cow...=D


  2. THANK YOU for my first LOL of the day!!! It's just paint!!! Oh honey, i love you! And i love Katie Cow! Will definitely be adding her to my pattern. <3

    1. I am pretty sure that I will NEVER say IT JUST paint WITHOUT thinking of YOU...NOW go wipe the coffee off of your computer screen and GET to work!! =)

  3. Thanks for sharing your process and design, I'm always fascinated by how people come up with ideas. I have to tell you that I had an ah-ha moment when you shared the exact paint colors that you used, I always assumed others did it like I do...a little dab of white (for highlights), a little dab of black (for shadows) and a little dab of this (for contrast) will stretch whatever color I'm using to the max...lol. I bet my art teachers would be glad to know my lessons in monochromatic scales wasn't lost with time!

    1. oh...I stretch paint UNTIL it screams...LOL...I started painted by using the tube of paint and had to mix my own colors...WELL, that was FINE until you ran OUT and had to TRY to get the same color again!! LOL...I discovered that when I taught, PEOPLE NEEDED COLORS...I do a lot of double-loading when I paint, BUT when I do patterns, I TRY not to do that because many people haven't learned to PLAY with the paint...I LOVE to play with the paint...Behave...xoxo


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