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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

Each year, Mother would find her "file" of her Valentine wish and would spend hours making enough copies to give/mail to all of her friends and to her Sunday School class. It didn't matter she had given the same thing to them before. It mattered to her that she told others 1. That SHE loved them, and 2. That God loved them.

Mother LOVED. She forgave. Her heart broke when "Christians" said the ugliest things to her, but she really did "turn the other cheek" and continued to love them anyway. She wasn't perfect. She struggled, but NEVER did she abandon her faith.

Mother ended most every phone call with I LOVE YOU. Never did a day go by, when she had her mind, that she didn't say, I LOVE YOU to me. As the spoiled brat that I am, I would get so angry with her telling me that, because I said it meant nothing since she told EVERYBODY the same thing. HOW in the world do I get forgiveness for being such a selfish, self-centered brat!

Well, she gave me the answer to HOW to get forgiveness. She lived the answer.

Mother spoke to Cumberland Presbyterian women and men in many churches throughout the States and in several churches in Columbia,  South America, and a few churches in Japan and to One in China. Her message was simple. Her message was LOVE.

So, Today, I share the VALENTINE that she sent. Tears flow as I miss Mother and Daddy so much. I  know where they are and I am trying to live my life to make sure that one day, when the time is right, I too, will live with them again--what a glorious day that will be. But for now, I have more living to do, the best I can do.

Mother also shared verse 17. She said it was just as important and was a scripture of Great Hope. So I also share verse 17:
For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved.

So, KNOW that whatever you have done or have thought, it doesn't matter.  ALL you have to do is to to ask forgiveness, then from that moment on, live like a child of God, AND when you fail, no worries, just ask forgiveness and try again. NOTHING you have done is unforgivable. You ARE LOVED. Maybe your earthly father (or mother) sucked at being a parent to you, but you HAVE a Heavenly Father who will NEVER abandon you. He will lead you through every obstacle in your journey and He wants ONLY the best for you, AND He will love you unconditionally!

Forgive YOURSELF...I am working to forgive myself...I send you LOVE and I wish for you to recongnize all the BLESSINGS sent to You by THE ONE who loves you so much that He created YOU...~charlotte♡


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Charcoal. We love you both.

    ALL of Us

    1. Sending love and hugs back with some pat pats...enjoy this day of love--each and every day. Woof woof

  2. Happy Valentines Day to you Charlotte. Love your post! I miss my mom every day also and her extending of Love was from the book Psalms . She loved Psalms! God BLESS. Have a great day! Off to Church for a morning of Worship and Valentine Banquet to follow.

  3. Beautiful post my friend! I too was a selfish, self-centered brat. But when i think about it, i know that Mom would be proud of the person that i FINALLY grew up to be. I'm sure your mom would be the same way. Love you!!!

    1. I hope so...it is discouring when someone tells me I NEED to live by the golden rule, so maybe I'm not doing so good, but then I remembered who told me that, and all is good again--rofl love ya!

  4. Charlotte,
    What a beautiful tribute to your mother. I pray that when I am no longer on earth that my 8 children will remember these lessons taught by me as well. I know there are days that I wonder? Then I look at the oldest 2 grown, with families of their own and know that they got what I was trying to teach them with my actions.

    1. Thank you. I think as long as you teach them, the Bible assures us that all will work out fine. I was always a good child, but what a brat! LOL. ..I'm just thankful for Grace! Thanks for the sweet comment-keep on believing!


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