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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Little Church at the Edge of the Woods, Sunday, November 9, 2014

I posted on my Facebook page last week that I had painted my primitive Church on a new ornament and it ALWAYS makes me think of the song, LITTLE BROWN CHURCH IN THE VALE (DALE) and THAT always makes me think of the small church where my Daddy was raised.

This is Dozier Church.  Most of the community went to church here.  I'm sure they only had services about once a month because it was the tradition of small churches to SHARE pastors.  

Most every community had their own school...This is the one-roomed School where Daddy went to school...It is to the left of the church.

The church moved to town sometimes in the 50s and became known as Central Christian Church.
My FAVORITE thing to say about Mother and Daddy was: Mother was a Baptist and Daddy was a CHRISTIAN UNTIL he married Momma...NOW they are Cumberland Presbyterians...

Mother didn't CARE WHERE they went to Church, just as long as they were TOGETHER to worship each Sunday.  Daddy didn't want to join a church that REFUSED to accept his baptism (he was sprinkled...GASP...ROFL) and Mother thought it was best for them BOTH to start fresh, so they found a Church were they served FAITHFULLY until their death.  Mother sang in the choir the last Sunday she was able to attend.

This is inside the church.  Each Fall, Central Christian holds a picnic on the grounds.  So many of the OLD FOLKS have gone to be with our Lord, BUT this is the Calvert's on the back row...They were such dear friends of Mother and Daddy's and were part of the PITCH (card group) players who would gather at least once a year for the men to play cards, usually at Christmas.

This is another inside picture of the church...Those wooden floors are beautiful and the Christian Church has done a WONDERFUL job of keeping the grounds and the buildings in wonderful condition.

This is the inside of the School House...They have made some changes...it used to have PEG HOLES in the bottom of the floor because Daddy would chew tobacco during class and spit through those holes...BAD BOY...BADDDDDDD....

The school ALSO had a pot belly stove because Daddy told of running through the field to get to school (probably about one mile) FIRST so he could start the fire...

I've often said that is was AGAINST the LAW for my Family to throw anything away...BUT on days like this, I'm so thankful!

Daddy's teacher was his Aunt Ellen, the old maid sister of Uncle Bud.  Uncle Bud and Aunt Jenny raised Daddy since his mother died when he was 22 months old and his Father was doing his best to take care of 3 other children.  Granddaddy would NOT let them adopt him because he always wanted Daddy to know that he loved him and wanted him.  Daddy was always in his family's life.  Aunt Jenny was Grandmother's sister.

I drive by Dozier School/Church at least once a month and it takes my heart back to years gone by...I'm lucky to be able to see this part of my heritage and I'm so glad that somebody made sure this property was maintained...What a BLESSED girl I am...

Be sure to pass on YOUR STORY...you would be surprised that people REALLY do want to hear it...Blessings to YOU...~charlotte♥

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