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Monday, June 30, 2014

Chalky Finish Paint Holder, Monday, June 30, 2014

I have been having SO MUCH FUN with DecoArt’s Chalky Finish Paints.

For this project, I used Romance (similar to Santa Red) and Serene (similar to Soft Blue) and the Clear Crème Wax.

Today I transformed an old Grey Drawer that I bought at Goodwill for $4 into a container for my extra bottles of DecoArt Americana Paints…I’ve been using Americana Paints for YEARS…the colors are superior and coverage is good.

I simply cleaned the drawer well and it was ready to paint~~no need to sand or add a sealer…just paint!  Charcoal seems to think I have things under control, so he is taking a nap…

BUT he woke up to INSPECT…I have an old piece of sandpaper and a cheap brush that I get for about $1 at Walmart or any paint store~~don’t worry that the bristles come off…with chalk paint, you USUALLY want to sand it to give it that SOFT primitive/Cottage Chic feel…Charcoal LOVES my sandpaper... ;)

I used only one coat of Romance to cover the entire box.  I’m not worried about getting a GREAT coverage because I will be sanding it off and I like the color combination of grey/red, so this is JUST PERFECT for me…it has a Nautical feel to it I think…PERFECT for summer!!

After the paint has dried, I sanded it off to reveal some of the grey below…

I added some of my favorite words with Serene and my stencils that I get from Laurie Speltz.  Click HERE

to go to her website.  I added the serene with a make-up sponge that can be purchased at any make-up counter…a bag of 100 costs about $5.

Again, I sanded it off after I stenciled the words…

I applied a coat of wax and let it dry…I buffed it after it dried.

This is JUST the Perfect size to put my paint in AND it fits nicely onto a shelf in the old TV stand that I use for my painting table!

I MIGHT add an old handle when I find one in the junk drawer and I might NOT…doesn’t matter to me because I really like how this turned out!!

This is SO EASY and is a great way to update a piece that you have in your home or that you find at a bargain...Chalky Finish Paints are PERFECT for a quick pick-me-up...I hope you will give them a TRY!

Have a GREAT week and FIND the MAGIC in LIFE...Blessings to YOU...~charlotte♥

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  1. What an awesome project Charlotte! I do love redoing old drawers & crates for storage. Just havne't taken the time in quite awhile.


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